How do you pass the time in airports during delays?

I Personally love sitting in the cafe (Possibly Starbucks) with coffee & a Sudoku puzzle book. :t)

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8 thoughts on “How do you pass the time in airports during delays?”

  1. I get on my laptop. Catch-up on the hundreds of emails and work on my website usually in Starbucks as I’m a coffee addict. I dont pay for internet in any airports as I am well travelled I now have all airport wifi codes.

  2. I had a long delay at ATL due to weather (3+ hours) so I took a walk. I went down in the tunnels and walked from T to D and back again. Killed almost half an hour and burned just enough energy that I wasn't antsy while I was sitting waiting for the flight. Then I people-watched and surfed the internet.


  3. Wow it's Amazing, I do exactly the same.
    I never sit and play Nintendo or whatsoever computer games.
    I pass time walking between terminals, generally with my iPod on.
    I'ts amazing how fast time goes by when you wonder around the airport.
    Knowing that I'll have to sit for ages in the plane makes it even more enjoyable to get a bit of exercise before the long flight.

    I thought I was the only weired one to do it , but feels much better that you countrygirl (Read your posts and know you are a girl) do it as well.

    Welcome to the team

  4. Either listening to music or make myself busy with my laptop playing games or surfing the net.
    In that way, i won’t notice how much time i should wait.

  5. It’s a great way to pass the time and feel warm and fuzzy at the same time. Pingback by Tweets that mention Airport Delays and Flight


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