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Hey you little traveler,
I know you eager to leave on a jet plane to the place of your dreams…..
but wait a moment …. read my useful tips to ensure your vacation a Happy Ending  travel blog ….

Internet finds deals, troubles. The old adage “if it looks too good to be true, it probably is” still applies, even in the Caribbean.

Before you hand over your credit card for that inexpensive travel package, do your homework and find out exactly what's included.  Also consider the destination's climate and seasonal variations.

“The cheapest time to go to the Caribbean is in the middle of hurricane season,” I also sees people trying to cram four people into rooms as small as 120 square feet which is similar to a Boy Scout tent.

Ensuring your insurance. While you might have no qualms about hiking Mt. Everest, your health insurers might see things differently. In many cases, your medical insurance doesn't extend to international destinations. Check your coverage before you go.

You travelers must remember that being injured abroad can bring about hefty out-of-pocket expenses, even when you are covered.

The one thing you travelers need to understand if you are injured abroad is you will have to pay for your medical care, even hospital care, but then be reimbursed by [your] insurance.

If your insurance doesn't cover you abroad, you might want to purchase travel insurance which can cost less than $10 for a week-long trip.

Save your skin with suncream…
The first day of vacation should be spent scoping out your new surroundings and not finding aloe vera to tend to your newly burned skin, so don't just pack sun screen but use it properly. Travelers often apply sunscreen once in the morning and neglect to re-apply throughout the day.
Its simple man… Keep applying it when you get out of the pool or sweat excessively.

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The same applies to insect repellant. Insects can be more than just pests, They can also carry and transmit diseases like West Nile virus, malaria and Dengue.

Also, make sure you're up to date on immunizations and research recommended vaccinations if you're heading to an exotic locale, like The Amazon …

Sex is the best thing in life, but… Do not forget to pack condoms …

Stay safe. While you don't need to wear a bullet proof vest and padlock your fanny pack, you should remain vigilant, I remember the first day of a trip of a friend of mine, to Guadalajara, Mexico, when a stranger distracted him while he was waiting at a bus travel blog while another took his belongings, including his passport.

Always pack photocopies of your passport and another government-issued identification (i.e. driver's license) in different places. If your identification is stolen or lost, the copies can be presented at the nearest embassy or consulate and sometimes replaced as soon as later that day.

It will also help you while hangin out at night to a Club, Pub, Yes most of the clubs ask for your ID as a tourist they will accept photocopy. If you carry your photocopy instead of the original, You are considered to be smart traveler  … I am always afraid to carry my passport at night, you know sometimes you get drunk…  And sometimes at night it is just easier to come through a big and ugly thief, that will still your passport and sell it to the russians ….

If you are an american, Keep on hand the State Department's American Citizens Services and Crisis Management (ACS) number (202/ 647-5225), which aids travelers in natural disasters, receiving money and replacing passports.

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Minimize flight fiascos. Missing your flight and hopping on one an hour later is one thing, but what if that's the only flight for the week? That's what happened to my girlfriend. I was planning to meet my girlfriend at the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia but a delay caused her to miss the once-weekly Anchorage to Kamchatka flight. Ultimately, she arrived in the mountainous region, after backtracking to connect in New York City and Moscow.

So check your flight itinerary to insure you get to your final destination without hassle.

These little things can happen if you are flying a lot of different flights that aren't hooked up on the same airline and if you are going to far-away countries … Plan things a little more carefully.

Manage your money. Losing money or having your money stolen definitely ruins a vacation. Keep your account numbers and company contact information in your carry-on luggage to make replacing them easier should they get lost or stolen. If you lose your money, have a friend wire you money via a money transfer service like Western Union to a consulate.
I personally alway carry my money belt with me … under my jeans … then in my pocket I put my wallet loaded with some money say 20 U$S, then in case a thief comes he will steal my pocket, run away with it, but all he could earn is 20U$S and not my whole money….
I do recommend to put some money in the wallet, since if a thief has a knife or a gun, and he sees no money in your wallet he can get really pissed off and ..  travel blog ….
Loading the wallet with some money, will keep him happy running the whole way to the bank… and will keep you alive, and your significant money (on the moneybelt, or socks) safe….
I always leave some money as well in my Mochila (Backpack) in my hostel, just in case the thief is inteligent and steals my wallet and my money belt….

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Hope those tips will ensure you a safe and Happy Ending Travel ….
If anyone has some other travel tips…. Do not hesitate …. Feel Free to Post them in this Topic…

Cheers  travel blog

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  1. Just remember don’t take a lot of clothes pack very light. Leave all your jewelery at home and the most important take  very comfortable shoes. :buu:)

  2. few things must be remember, your clothes, Soft cash and Hard Cash, travelling documents. and if any one is found of of boating and any one has plained to get a ride in Yacht Charter Dubai then he/she must have a life jacket as well. though life jacket is available to them as well. but for your own saftey you must hae your own as well.

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