Holidays In Sorrento

holidays in sorrentoPlan a trip to Sorrento and get ready for a splash of adventure and possibilities! One can enjoy a splatter in the Naples bay, a walk through the streets that are open to only available for pedestrian walking in the night or last but not the least- explore the ruins of Pompeii. The places to see in this tiny small yet beautiful town located in Campania, southern Italy include Lemon terraces, the Pretty Small Port, the The puntacampanella natural reserve, Villa Pollio Roman ruins in Capo di Sorrento, Museo Correale di Terranova, Archeological Museum of the Sorrentine Peninsula, Museo Bottega della Tasia Lignea, Duomo (Cathedral), St. Francis Monastery and Basilica di Sant’ Antonino.

As soon as I reached Sorrento the first thing that I did was to rent a motor scooter, so that I could explore the land on my own and take my time in enjoying the nature at its best in this lovely tiny city of Italy. The first place that I visited was the Marina Grande. I found it to be the perfect place for fishing for the village is known for the same. It was a wonderful experience to have a sneak peek into this village which seems to have been remained untouched by the modern world and it was probably the best spot in the whole of Sorrento where I exhausted my memory cards taking pictures and videos of the lovely beaches and the traditional streets of this small city. It was also time to bask my skin under the rays of the warm sunlight that felt totally exhilarating and kind of charged me up for my next trip to Capri.

holidays in sorrentoCapri is just a thirty minute hydrofoil ride from Marina Grande. I was offered two choices to go up to Capri, either to take the funiculare which is a cliff railway or cable car like ride or climb up the stairs but I highly recommend the former one. Irrespective of the wonderful scenery that the pace encapsulates, the part of my travel that made it worth the money was that the hiking trials. This hiking experience was unlike any other as one gets the feeling of strolling in a National Park that ultimately slides down into an inlet area where I took a swim. What can be better than having a refreshing swim after a couple of hours of hike! I was very tired by the end of the day so I decided to return back to the hotel and wake up early morning the next day and start my hike again. This time the guide took us to the site where the villas of Caesar Augustus and Caesar Tiberus stand tall.

The next to follow was the town of Piazza Tasso that is actually a sort of informal gateway into the old town of Sorrento. I wanted to visit every area of this part of Sorrento city, so I decided to board the ‘City Train’. It was a good place to go to after being close to Mother Nature and it stands in complete contrast to Capri in terms of the buzz, the lights that the streets are filled with. I decided to spend the day watching and meeting the locals only. Thereafter, went back to the hotel and came out only to take an evening stroll for the town, which looked absolutely stunning in the late afternoon light.

holidays in sorrentoI have never had the experience walking on the edge of a volcano in my entire life, so I decided to make Vesuvius my next destination. But I have to alert all those who wish to undertake this walk that they don’t go there alone but along with their travel guide who can ensure that the journey turns out to be one of those memorable days of their life. I could smell the Sulphur while reaching the top and at last I was standing near the crater, although I couldn’t gather my wits to go too close, and I could feel the heat of the rocks! I managed to take a few clicks too. I am sure that this place is a must-see one when going to Sorrento for we don’t get the opportunity to walk on the edges of a live volcano easily. I wanted to be enjoy that moment for a longer time but the guide requested me to hurry back for we had an interesting trip to Herculaneum and Pompei on our cards the next day.

You can reach Pompei either by train or trough an organized excursion but I wanted to save time so I decided go with the option of train. I purchased a tour book at the entrance of the place so that I could explore the place on my own and it took me four to five hours to do some justice. The most interesting feature of this place is that the whole area has actually been excavated after it got completely destroyed and buried holidays in sorrentoby a powerful volcanic eruption only to be rediscovered in 1748. The structures at Pompei that I liked the most and which presented a nostalgic feeling were Basilica, the house with the cave canem mosaic present at the entrance and high pavements with stepping stones.

It was only till I had seen Pompei that I thought it is the most fantastic thing that I had seen yet but I had to add Herculaneum to this list too for it is absolutely amazing and somewhat smaller than Pompei too. Although there is yet a lot that needs to be excavated in Herculaneum but the buildings have been very well preserved and to my utter amazement I found out that many samples of organic materials have been preserved there which include ropes, clothes and wood. The entrance to the city itself offers a panoramic and exceptional view of the whole city and one feels as if one has travelled back to the past and is part of the everyday life of the city. It was a visit that I can hardly forget.

holidays in sorrentoI decided to spend the concluding days of my holiday at Amalfi and I think it was quite a prudent decision of mine to do the same for I wrapped up the visit with some lovely, adventurous memories that are still fresh in my mind. The sheer beauty of the scenery and the adventurous boat ride made it a truly amazing experience. While driving through the Amalfi coast I couldn’t stop admiring the lovely villages built along the cliffs and the places like Ravello, Positano and the town square have an unparalleled architecture that is difficult to emulate in any other part of the world. All the streets here in are lined with Citrus trees and the places that I made a point to go to include The Cathedral which was constructed in the thirteenth century whose magnificent bell can be seen from the harbor, the Cloister of Paradise which is home to old paintings and mosaics with 120 columns in Arabic style and the Paper Mill Museum, although I loved to stroll and take an evening walk along the coast which I enjoyed the most. I also tried my hand on fishing but unfortunately couldn’t get a catch, so I had to return back to my hotel room empty handed.

holidays in sorrentoSometimes you say ‘big things come in small packages’ and that is exactly what I can sum up about my visit to Sorrento which is a small city but gives a fulfilling holidaying experience, worth every penny. The clicks that I have uploaded on my blog have already become a hit among my friends who wish to make a trip to this lovely place sometime.

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