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Travel to Los AngelesLos Angeles is one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the world. This alluring city is home to many famous tourist spots. The glamour and grandeur of this city tempts many tourists. Hollywood is one of the most sought after destination of this city. The people of Los Angeles are very creative and it is a fact that out of every six residents of Los Angeles; one resident works in a creative industry. This fact makes it the ‘Creative Capital of the World’. This city has been nicknamed as ‘The City of Angels’. This city is a blissful place where you enjoy probably the best time of your life. We are a group of five friends and we always plan our holidays together. We feel that the company of friends always makes things more interesting and enjoyable. Last week, we visited Los Angeles. It’s a gorgeous city to enjoy life. Everything in this city is tremendously beautiful.Travel to Los Angeles

Los Angeles is home to the world’s best art centers and museums. We wanted to see every specialty of this city; so we made a list of the famous places. We started with The Getty Center. This is one of the most famous Art Museums of Los Angeles. You need not to pay any fee to enter this museum. The grand artistry of this art museum begins from its architecture. The architecture of its building is very impressive. The architects have put the best of creativity in its building. We loved roaming in the galleries. This museum exhibits the masterpiece of drawings, decorative arts, pre 20thcentury paintings and some illuminated manuscripts. There are also some wonderful sculptures. The location of this museum is an allure itself. You could see excellent views of Los Angeles from here. The central garden is one of the most impressive parts of this museum. More than 500 types of plants can be seen in this garden. The water features make it more pretty. There is a nice restaurant from where you could enjoy delicious food and incredible views of Santa Monica Mountains. It is the right place to start your vacations in Los Angeles. The brilliant views of Los Angeles inspired us to discover the hidden treasures of this city.Travel to Los Angeles

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Walt Disney is a well-known name. This company served us with many Cartoon Characters and is special for everyone who watched them in his childhood. So, how could we miss the chance to visit Walt Disney Concert! The architecture of Walt Disney Concert Hall is awe-inspiring. The hall is also very beautiful and the seats are very comfortable. Above all, the quality of sound is superb. It’s a perfect venue for a music concert. We enjoyed the melodious concert. If you don’t have time for concert then visit this building for taking a glimpse of its wonderful architecture. They don’t charge any entrance fee however there is a reasonable fee to attend the concert. We loved being at this place and the music concert was extremely enjoyable.Travel to Los Angeles

If you are fond of cars and want to see the royal cars of three decades of the 20thcentury then visit Nethercutt Museum. This is a unique museum which displays the majestic cars of 1910-30. This place is very interesting and so are the displayed cars. We saw an impressive 1930 model of Talbot-lago. It was unbelievably sleek. This car was gifted by a King to his wife. There are many wonderful cars. Surprisingly, there is no entrance fee to this exceptional museum. There are some huge musical machines. These machines mechanically produce music. More than 20 instruments are attached to a single machine. These music machines are amazing. This place makes you feel like being in the early 20thcentury. It’s a fantastic place and it truly deserves a visit.Travel to Los Angeles

Hollywood Bowl is another fantastic place in Los Angeles. Many famous singers have performed at this venue. The famous singer Glen Campbell did his last concert at this place on the evening of 6th January, 2013. I wish that we could see him performing. This is a stunning venue for concerts. We went there in the evening to attend the concert an American Singer. The experience of attending a music concert under the stars was awesome. This is the only venue in Los Angeles where outside food is allowed. So, you may pack your food and enjoy it while listening to melodious music. We enjoyed every minute of the concert. Even if there is no concert, this place is exceptionally beautiful to roam around.Travel to Los Angeles

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Los Angeles is a very gorgeous city and we wanted to see the stunning bird-eye views of this city at night. So, we visited Griffith Park. It’s a stunning park with enchanting surroundings. There are many locations in this park where you can sit and enjoy the natural beauty of the environment. If you want to enjoy the experience of hiking then this is the place you were looking for. There are many beautiful hiking trails in this park. The sun was about to set and the sunset took the glory of this park to another level. The sunset looks amazing from this park. If you want to enjoy the dazzling sunset views in Los Angeles then do visit this park. It was getting dark and the buildings of Los Angeles started sparkling with the LED floodlights. Every building was reflecting a different color. The vibrant colors of lights were looking amazing. We also saw the sign of Hollywood and it was looking terrific. It was the most beautiful evening of our travel.Travel to Los Angeles

California Science Center is one of the most wonderful places of Los Angeles. It’s a science museum where you could see many interesting science exhibits. NASA has honored this museum by exhibiting the space shuttle Endeavor in it. Watching a real space shuttle would give you goose bumps. We were stunned to see it. We roamed around it for one hour. It was an incredible experience and it would remain in my mind forever. We also enjoyed the simulated ride. It made us feel like being in a space ship. It was exhilarating. Endeavor is the main attraction of this museum and the experience of an encounter with it is away from any wordily portrayal.Travel to Los Angeles

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We decided to end our travel with a visit to Universal Studios Hollywood. It is one of the major attractions of Los Angeles. It’s a theme park and a movie studio. It is one of the oldest movie studios of Hollywood. The theme park is awe-inspiring. It is divided into two parts; Upper Lot and Lower Lot. The upper lot encompasses the family shows. It is home to ‘The Simpson Ride’, ‘The adventures of Curious George’ and Shrek 4-D (a 3-D film). The lower lot is home to ‘Jurassic Park: The Ride’, ‘Revenge of the Mummy’ and ‘Transformers: The Ride’. Watching the theme park was a lifetime experience for me. After this, we went for the studio tour which was really very interesting. We also went to the CityWalk. We visited this place in the evening when they had turned on the artificial lights. The buildings were looking very stunning. We were not in the mood to watch a movie or a concert; so we decided to try indoor skydiving. They have many packages which differ according to your experience. They also offer this activity for groups. We decided to do this in group and we had great fun. It was a thrilling experience. I loved it!Travel to Los Angeles

Our vacations in Los Angeles went excellent. We earned some undying memories from this marvelous city. Our travel to Los Angeles was a charismatic experience for us…

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