Holidays In Greece

Holidays in GreeceI recently travelled to Greece and I am now convinced that not only is it a wonderful holiday destination but also quite rewarding. My holidays in Greece were no doubt a memorable experience as there was so much to do and everyday was worth the while. As you may know, Greece it is advisable to always research about your holiday destination prior to your arrival as it helps you to have an idea of what to expect. Most importantly, you also get different perspectives of what other people have to say. Therefore, in my pre-holiday research I was able to learn that although Greek has sensual beauty that will attract the attention of any serious holidaymaker out there you will get an even better deal when you identify a particular location.

After perusing through several pages on Greece tourism, I settled on Santorini that is deliciously and glamorously different in every way possible. Gladly, I was not disappointed by this immaculate location that is also listed among the top 20 destinations in Europe. From the unique Holidays in Greecebeaches to the eclectic cuisine, thrilling nightlife, excellent wines and lovely galleries, Santorini is a truly amazing place to spend your holidays.

I had the pleasure of staying at Villa Renos hotel whose location is perfect as you can simply walk to the shopping malls, the bus station and restaurants. Even more, the breakfast here is such a great treat that will truly refresh you. The hotel also has a balcony that offers a majestic view of the serene surrounding that does not disappoint. The rooms are also well equipped with access to amenities like satellite TV, en suite facilities, luxurious fitting and free Wi-Fi among others. All these were good enough to set the right mood for my holidays in Greece.

As mentioned earlier, I had developed my own itinerary prior to travelling even though it was subject to change depending on the circumstances. This is especially because I was relying on the company of my friend who has been living in Greece as an expatriate for the last five years. She had taken leave from work ostensibly to spend time with me during my holidays. We dedicated our time to a number of places in Santorini where we had so much fun and relaxation.

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Among the places that we went to is the Open Air cinema Kamari that we accessed for an admission fee of 7 Euros. This was perfect for my first evening even as we got ready to explore Santorini for the next four days. Although I had Holidays in Greecebeen somewhat worn out by the flight to Greece, the atmosphere at the Open Air Cinema was relaxing and it offered good value for money. Since it was summer time, we indulged in a variety of snacks that included ice cream, hot dogs, popcorn and some cocktails to complete the movie experience on the comfortable seats. We truly had a wonderful night and I recommend that you visit this cinema when in Santorini.

My friend and I love hiking so a hike from Fira to Oia this was one of the items on our itinerary. The experience was so much fun even as we encountered other holidaymakers and tourists. Although the initial part of the hike is usually difficult, we managed to get to the Skaros Rock because we had good shoes and had carried enough water. Here, we got great photo opportunities with Oia within the background. While atop this rock, we also got a spectacular view of Imerovigli bay as well as Caldera that makes Santorini truly magical. We also visited a church that is on the other side of Skaros Rock before getting on with the challenge of getting at the top and I can guarantee you the view is worth every effort.

We also took some time to go to Amoudi bay that another beautiful place that is serene and quiet. We took more than 200 steps to get there before sitting down to enjoy some mouthwatering seafood at one of the restaurants that dot the water edge of this bay. The food here is superb and the entire experience at the bay stood up. After about Holidays in Greecethree hours of catching up and enjoying the beautiful location, we finally left via a taxi. Next time we will definitely get our swimming gear on because even though there are no beaches because the ocean.

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Whenever I travel across various parts of the world for holidays, I never miss to check museums and this holiday was not any different as we went to the Museum of Prehistoric Thera that I can confidently recommend to anyone visiting Greece. This museum is definitely worth visiting as it houses a rich and wide collection of frescoes and artifacts that were removed from Akrotiri. The tour guides are on standby to offer as much information as possible making the entire experience interesting.

We also spent some time at the Perissa beach that is one of a kind. This black beach is magnificently long and has clean blue waters that are exactly what I had envisioned when planning my holidays. It is also lively but not over crowded. We enjoyed sunbathing on the beach couches as well as some great food and cocktails. We also did a bit of window-shopping at the numerous shops that are tucked along the beach.

If you want to get a feel of Hellenistic, Byzantine and Roman periods then you need to visit the Ancient Thera Museum. Getting to this museum is an exciting experience on its own because you need to zigzag on a scooter all the way to the top. You will do well to bring along some drinking water because the walk around the museum is quite tiring but worth it because you get to see structures that were built ages back. While here, you also get a view of the Perissa and Kaari towns. We also got a chance to visit Santorini Volcano from where you can have great views of Caldera. Moreover, you can also see some smoke coming out even as you smell sulphur. Although there are hot springs here, they were not hot because the water lacks oxidation.

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We also embarked on the Santorini Food and Wine Connection tour that helped us explore the wine culture here. If you love wine, you will be excited to visit wineries and vineyards as you travel on this Island while drinking distinctive wines. This is a trip you do not want to miss as it makes you understand why Santorini is among the top destinations in Europe. Another memorable experience during our holidays in Greece is the Santorini Sailing. The cruise is quite relaxing even as the guide offered as much information on the landscape and geology that is enlightening. There is plenty of food and music to set off the tone while the hospitable and friendly crew does what they do best. The view of the sunset from the sailing vessel is magnificent and truly unforgettable. Although Santorini has a vibrant nightlife, we did not indulge much in it because we preferred a good rest after the various activities of the day. By the end of my holidays in Greece, I could only wish I had more time and resources to stay longer because the entire experience was truly memorable and amazing.

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