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Egypt is one of the best places that you should consider going for holidays because you can never run out of places to explore, enjoy and visit. As a matter of fact, it is full of some of the most exotic as well as historical ancient places you can ever find in the world as I discovered when my fiancée and I went on holidays in Egypt. Moreover, Egypt has a very rich history that has consequently earned it the tag ‘the land of the Pharaohs’.

Holidays in Egypt

Egypt is also unique in the sense that one of the largest rivers, the Nile River that has great significance to his history passes through this nation. Moreover, this country is synonymous with the pyramids of Giza, sphinx, the valley of the kings, Aswan, Abu Simbel and Luxor that I had only read about but longed to see. In fact, Egypt is best described as the world’s largest open-air museum.

We stayed at Kempinski Nile Hotel in Cairo that is a cozy and nice hotel that is situated in a strategic location along the Nile. Our hotel room was not only comfortable but also had small balcony that overlooks the Nile. The hotel offers Holidays in Egyptcomplimentary services that include wake up call, drinks and soft drinks. The breakfast that is served here is great with a wide variety from which you can choose. Also worth mentioning is their orange juice that is really good. The Osmani restaurant is also great and the starters are just awesome.

During our week-long holiday in Egypt, we focused on visiting those adventurous attractions that are categorized as must visit because we were out to make every bit of the trip worth recounting. We began by going to the pyramids of Giza and the sphinx that are also categorized as the world’s oldest destination for tourists. Amazingly, these pyramids have remained to be magnificent and intriguing spots and have since been names among the Seven Wonders of the World. The sight of these pyramids is totally breath taking and you will do well to capture these memories on camera.

A trip down the Valley of the Kings that is located on the western part of River Nile is another amazing experience that we encountered in Egypt. This valley showcases about 63 chambers as well as tombs that come in various sizes. While here we got to see tombs that have more than 120 chambers as well as simple pits. You also cannot miss to notice the royal tombs because they are uniquely decorated to reflect Egyptian mythology that is evident of the rituals and religion of the time.

If there is anything you must not miss while on holidays in Egypt is the River Nile Cruise. This was one of the highlights of our time in this land of Pharaohs because the Nile is the longest river on Earth thus cruising it is definitely a lifetime experience. While at it we also had the rare opportunity of getting a true feel of Egypt as it is depicted along the river. Another amazing site that cannot be forgotten is the Abu Simbel temple. The fulfilling experience of walking along this gigantic structure is indescribable but worth every moment.

Holidays in EgyptLuxor temple is another great site that we could not leave Egypt without visiting. This temple receives the largest number of visitors after the pyramids at Giza. It was amazing to learn that the construction of these buildings took about 30 pharaohs a factor that explains the complexity of the architecture as well as the size of this outdoor museum that comprises of ruined temples, pylons, chapels as well as other buildings. Be sure not to miss the thrilling daily Sound and Light show that takes place in the evening.

If you are looking for an ideal location to relax, then you need to look no further than Hurghada resort that is located along the Red Sea. The resort has clear waters that also make it a great site for diving snorkeling and swimming. It is also a great place for sunbathing on the pristine beach and these have made it a popular vacation site. We were also treated to a spectacular sight of diverse marine life and coral reefs while marveling at the magnificent view. Another must visit attraction in Egypt is the Citadel of Qaitbay, Alexandria that is located at the Lighthouse of Alexandria that is also considered a legendary historical building. This building is an important stronghold in Egypt as well as the larger Mediterranean coast because it was a defense wall for the fortress.

If you love art, then you will do well to spend some time at the Egyptian museum in Cairo that is also among the largest museums in the world to host stunning pieces of ancient Egyptian art. This museum is particularly rich in the papyrus collection as well as coins that were used before the Egyptian civilization set in. It is also worth mentioning that you will be delighted to sample other legendary treasures that are kept at this museum. The Suez Canal area is another important historical site that is a-must-visit in Egypt. This area has great beaches and is also ideal for diving and snorkeling. To have a great view of this canal, you can opt for the day tours.

You cannot leave Egypt without purchasing some great souvenirs. This can be done by going shopping at the different shopping spots. This can be done at the flea market, the malls or even handcraft shops. From our experience, Egypt is a great holiday destination because you can never run out of activities or places to visit. However, to make your trip memorable it is important to make an itinerary that will serve as a guide and also allow you to plan around your finances effectively.

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