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holidays in dublinThe capital city of Ireland and one of the most populous cities of the country, Dublin is a place where one finds a combination of unique, uncanny and breathtaking places to visit. The city has that magical and mystical aura in its atmosphere that intrigues the visitor to bewilder at the rich historical and cultural legacy of the island in addition to the fact that the city lies on the mid points of the east coast of Ireland at the mouth of river Liffey.

I had planned a fortnight trip to Dublin so as to get a birds eye view of the city at its best and a friend of mine had suggested to me to travel to the great outer suburbs of the city that are worth visiting. I wanted to get a taste of local living so my first stop was to the Kiliney Hills that offers a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains of the Dublin city. The best way to reach this place is through DART, Dublin Area Rapid Transport. For the local people DART service helps them to connect to the mainland of the city and is preferred for faster commutation. But for travelling in this part of the country I had to choose between Dublin Car Hire, Irish Rail or Bus Coastal Tours and I decided to go with the first option available.

My visit to the Howth was the next to follow. It is popular for the 171m high hill located close to the North of Dublin. I made sure that I visited this place early next morning, since such a long journey by foot demanded a lot of energy from me. The climb was worth the efforts since it was totally refreshing and exhilarating for me and infused even more energy into my soul.

The evening was another great experience. Just when the sun was setting, I decided to take a stroll along the dramatic Dublin coastline so that I could fully appreciate the bounty that nature has bestowed in this city. I choose the coastline between Howth and Malahide on the northern side of the city. This was made even more memorable when the very next day I decided to stroll along Dalkey and Killiney on the southern area of the city.

holidays in dublinSt Stephens Green is truly a lovely small park that is present at the end of Grafton Street located on the southern side of the city. The serene atmosphere and the eye soothing greenery of the park is surely one place where one can sit for hours together in peace and tranquility. This park is one of my favorite places in the city of Dublin to sit, relax and have lunch with the few friends that I had befriended in Dublin.holidays in dublin

The most interesting part of my visit was my trip to the Dun Laoghire that is a place for very traveler to see while on a trip to Dublin. This place not only has many interesting things to offer as it a community all on its own but the highlight of this place is that there was a ferry that could take me to UK, but I resisted the temptation and stayed back to enjoy my visit in Dublin.

After days of sightseeing and watching the lovely nature, I decided to pack my bags for some adventure along the coastline of Howth which is a fishing village. I lost count of time there and got immersed in trying my hands on fishing out there and ultimately I got rewarded by a catch at the end of the day. I was also lucky enough to get a glimpse of seals from the locals of the place who were unloading their catch from the fishing boats.

After a couple of my days in the outer suburbs of the city it was time to return to the hustle bustle of the city life in Dublin and get a feel of it. The Leprechaun Museum is truly a delight for the visitors eyes and one is enthralled by the way in which the myth and legends of Irish city has been preserved for eternity that are present in the popular stories of leprechauns, crocks of gold and fairies! This museum is located in the heart of the city of Dublin and is a marvel in the sense that the museum has been architecturally designed in such a fashion that it seems as though the walls themselves speak a story. I found the trip truly enjoyable and I came back to my hotel room filled with nostalgia.

My next visit was planned to a place which had many myths and legends woven around it, ‘The Hell Fire club’, so I decided to visit this place and test my nerves. The club is situated on the top of a hill in a forest park with the same name and I had a great time there with friends watching the views over Dublin and enjoying the quite and lonely stroll.

holidays in dublinChrist Church Cathedral is one of the oldest buildings that stands tall and still in the city of Dublin which was founded in 1028. The building hosts a plethora of relics including a speaking cross believed to be a part of Jesus Christ. Also till date one can see the heart of Dublin Laurence O Toole.

The Guinness Factory visit was one of my most memorable visits in Dublin. I had my first taste of the velvety black spout there and instantly got hooked to it. I did not only enjoy that single pint of Guinness but the museum gives a enthralling insight into the history of the favorite drink of Ireland- how it is made and what influence it has had on the world at large. It was a visit worth making.

I was almost spell bound and mesmerized at the same time when I had my first glance over Guinness Lake that is just over an hour’s drive to the South of Dublin. It is also a wonderful drive through the Wicklow Mountains taking you right up to the spectacular lake. I found it to be one of the best spot for photography lovers and I captured more than a dozen pictures of the panoramic view. This lake and the surrounding Wicklow Mountains consist of various waterfalls, forests, and large bog lands with streams and sheep which take you to those wonderful yesteryears.

I spent the last days of my travel at Dublin on the local streets. I decided to spend as much of my time on the Grafton Street as possible where I watched the lovely Irish people walking, strolling and making friends. The holidays in dublinlovely and serene Irish music in an Irish Pub makes it a perfect combination. I must say that in Dublin life never comes to a halt and it is surely a traveller’s delight.

Before my visit to Dublin I had many apprehensions but they were thrown to winds after I met the lovely people there who are quite helpful and willing to help you in time of need. For a budget traveler like me, the trip worked well and to my favor. In terms of the time that I spent there I can surely say that the time was simply memorable and will remain etched in my memories. To complement my memories I have those lovely photographs and some new friends that I made during the visit. As I am writing this post my feelings tell me that most likely another visit to this beautiful city that too in the near future and for a longer holiday is slowly scheming in my heart and mind.holidays in dublin

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