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When you want to have a heaven on earth when you want a holiday cottage getaway , Devon may be your destination. There are a lot of things that make Devon famous like the scenery coastline and postcard great villages. The fact that Devon is not like Maldives is even what makes it exciting, there are loads of exotic things for you to enjoy. The affection for Devon which is the fourth biggest county in Britain has made a lot of name for itself. The sea air and the rugged terrain is what would endear new timers here.


Devon is one of the most beautiful bit of coastline you can ever walked, there are remains of a shipwreck, a charming lighthouse and a postcard cottage that can be better than some of the finest in the world. It may not be as beautiful as some of the other cottages around the world, the peculiarity of this place is amazing.

You wake up to the sound of the seas popping up their heads in the waters, there are falcons that would hover above the cliff tops, the wild deer that are in the field give another view of this place. This is where families can visit and have that peace of mind. If you are not good in taking stroll, Devon would make this a hobby for you. The cosy cottage is what would give you that exceptional comfort that you need. For kids who have not had a semi-village experience, this is where they should be brought to for their vacation.

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A look at the miniature village green that is in welcombe makes the whole tourist difference,there is a a friendly pub not 20 paces from the back door. A”>burnstove in the kitchen, a log burner in the living room, comfy sofas and a cute garden, you could lounge here all week. It is the coast path that would really get under your skin and there are a lot of things that you can when you are here. When you are at the coast at Clovelly, you would see the highest granite cliffs in England, with a lookout post carved out of the top.

Underneath, on the beach, there is where you would find the Blackchurch Rock, this is a tall sea stack with doorways that are carved through by the tides and rock pools of shy crabs. Clovelly is too steep for vehicles and not even the resident donkeys can ride down the cobbled streets anymore, because really, it’s too steep even for their little legs, but they’re worth a visit in their stables. This is a privately owned village.


You can see that Devon has become one of the most beautiful places where you can come for your vacation in the UK. It is quiet and does not have problem with air pollution. You would breathe in fresh air and enjoy the simple life of the residents. Most importantly, you would have something to talk about after you must have come back from Devon.

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