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Hi blog mates,

I am from Ireland and I love traveling and exploring new places. But I am indulged in hotel business, so didn’t get much time to travel. But still I try to visit new places whenever I get chance. Recently I visited India. Must say its a beautiful place. I almost spend two weeks in that country and explored many cities and loved them all.
Well leave this topic, I’ll surely tell about my experience in blog. I found this blog while looking for something else but found it really interesting as I like such places where people share their experiences about new places. And that’s why I am here.

Hope to see you all in blog and here from you. Thanks for spending your time in reading my first post.

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1 Comment

  1. Thanks John!!!
    The first city I landed in was Jaipur. Its in Rajasthan, the largest state of India. It is also known as pink city as their are many building that are pink in color. There are mainly two parts of the city, the old city that has rich collection of heritage and the new city, the advanced one. There are many famous places in the city to escape to. like the Hawa Mahal that has many windows, I think approx 1001..Then a place called Jantar Mantar which is a Hide and Seek like place. There are many forts and a very big temple. You must visit that place. Its awesome. And the food is very spicy. My stomach was burned at first.

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