Help – Germany to Aus and back, and back again -_-


Hey guys,

My girlfriend lives in Germany, and me in Australia, she is moving over in like 1 and a half years after her course, but until then its a struggle to be with each other, we see each other like twice a year, but she wants to come over for a Ball the Army is hosting, and then we both fly back to Germany 4 days later for my leave and then I fly Back to Australia 2 weeks later, Usually I dont mind spending money to see her, and visa versa for her, but this will be a bit pricey for for one visit so I was wondering if ANYONE had advice on good airlines (I usually fly with Quntas) or ANYTHING to help make this cheaper for the both of us, I will give dates in case it helps my course..

Her to Fly From Frankfurt International on the (12th of May) -> To Brisbane
Both of us to from Brisbane on the (16th of May) -> To Frankfurt
Me to fly Back to Australia on the (30th of May) -> To Brisbane

Thanks Heaps

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