Have you every been to Koh Kood / Thailand?

Koh Kood is

located at Trad Province the same as Koh chang, Koh Kood is far away from the town about 82 KM and here has very beautiful beach, Emerald sea water and people call this Island that ” Andaman sea of the East” . Koh Kood has a rather perfect nature, the ridge and the plain are the beginning of canal, here’s waterfalls and a perfect mangrove forest but the travellers will think of Koh Chang first if they’ll come to Trad.

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Today, coming to Koh Kood’s very easy, just come by plane to Trad about 40 minutes then take a rapid bus for rapid ferry and it takes just a hour ( +/- 20-30 minutes) you’ll arrive and have fun with Kayak easily , this’s very different from the old period.
Travelling in Koh Kood has 2 options, by package and backpacker. Almost of the visitors love to buy a package because it’s very easy but someone love to backpack because of it’s very freedom they can do everywhere they want.

Good season for travel in Koh Kood.

During November to early of May because of no monsoon that time.. ( but you know.. we can’t guess the weather.. so check the weather before check in)
Many beautiful beach in Koh Kood, but each beach very far away from other and people can’t walk, if you like to book a hotel or resort with some beach and need to walk ramble to the next beach please check your leg’s power hahaha. Each beach will be good different from other , coconut tree field / waterfalls/ mangrove forest me sure that you will love them.
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Let’s see the good bays and beach.

– Aow Thapao

( Thapao bay) located at the West of Koh Kood, beauty long beach and here’s the good Sun Rise and Set view.

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– Aow Klongjaw

( Klongjaw bay) is next to Aow Thapao, here has very clear sea water, white and clean beach. This bay has the way to Klongjaw waterfall if you love waterfall don’t miss this place.

– Aow Gloay

( Gloay bay) located near Aow Klong Yaiki, this bay is a point for view the foerest birds and emigrate birds.

– Aow Klong Yaiki

( Klong Yaiki bay) is on the North of Koh Kood, this bay rather quiet and has the way to Klong Yaiki waterfall, the sides way to waterfalls are the beautiful mangrove forest.

– Aow NgamKho

( Ngamkho bay) this bay has a beautiful red sand beach, clear sea water and has the road connect to Aow Thapao and Aow Klongjaw.

– Aow Slad

( Slad bay) this area has a “U” shape, here’s the fisherman’s village.

– Aow Klong Thatheun

( Klong Thatheun bay) this bay’s good for row kayak and play water, not too long beach.

– Haad Bangbao

( Bangbao beach) has a Crescent shape, the back of beach’s a Klong Bangboa and the visitors can row a kayak and play at the canal.

– Aow Proa

( Prao bay) has a longest beach and here’s the best view for Sunset and Sunrise. Also has the Image of “The Father of Royal Thai Navy”. ( Admiral Prince Abhakara Kiartivongse, Prince of Chumphon)

Diving Points.

You can found the good of coral and small fish at points diving at Koh Yak , Koh Gra, and Koa Rung, there’s the snorkel diving.
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** Warnning**

No ATM machine at Koh Kood and even credit cards you can’t use there so please withdraw cash at the town before come to Koh Kood and beware your wallet.
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