Has Anyone Been To Side, Turkey?

Hi everyone,

I’ll appreciate if those of you have been to Side in Turkey shares with me his/her impressions. I have a 3 week vacation in October and want to go there. First I want to know if in October the weather is still good. And also is it a good idea to rent a holiday home or I better book a hotel?

Thank you so much!wink

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5 thoughts on “Has Anyone Been To Side, Turkey?”

  1. Hi Olga,

    The weather in Turkey is still good in October.  The Temperature is around 25 degrees.
    I would book a hotel with the all inclusive formula if you just want to relax and not needing to worry about cooking and stuff bigtup



  2. Hi Olga,

    yes, October is a good month to go in Turkey. Side is a great vacation spot.

    You can chose a nice villa, with private pool and all comforts, near to all the facilities of the town. Or an apartment in a complex…

    There are really plenty of accomodations to chose among.

    Of course, a hotel is giving you different services, but a rental hoome offers you the chance to experience the true life of the place where you are in holiday.

    Enjoy your holiday!

  3. Hi Olga,

    been also in Turkey last year…I was there in middle of October and it has been a great holiday, with my husband and children.

    I hope you find the most suitable accomodation for you… I’ve rented an apartment and I really liked the experience.

    Have a good holiday!


  4. Istanbul is a city I would be happy to go again, I had a very good time there, but absolutely not enough to see everything I had planned…


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