Halong Bay Tour

I am going to visit to Halong Bay on Sep, and I really need some ideas or experiences.
Thanks so much!

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5 thoughts on “Halong Bay Tour”

  1. Ha Long Bay is a worth-to-see place of Vietnam.
    When you go to Ha long, don't forget to cruise and visit its caves. They are all natural and stunning.
    Moreover, there are many high-quality hotels around the Bay, so don't worry. The cost there is rather cheap.
    Remember that you have to get a visa before entering Vietnam. You can get it on vietnamvisaexpress.com

  2. Halong bay is a great place. I visited there in January of this year.
    It is a popular place so expect to see a lot of people.
    Any tour company in Hanoi will be glad to help you with reservations. ALL tours seem to be basically the same except the quality of the junk-boat stay will depend on each place. I would get one that offered good seafood and find out if the groups are small. I cant remember the company i went with, but it may have been a little more cost than some of the others, but I ate great food and the junk was very nice and clean.
    Our group was only 9 people in size. I think you could end up getting hooked up with a large crowd if you dont ask first.
    Tell and ask each company what you want and expect.
    I was a bit disappointed in the lack of kayaking we ended up doing. I wanted a FULL day of paddling , not just some token lame ass 1 hour we ended up doing. I think if you really ask around you can find more kayaking if that is something you want to do. I would recommend it, its safe and the bay is very protected. I stayed one night on a junk and one night on an island at a hotel, i cant remember the name of the island but it will be THE one every company goes to. I WOULD RECOMMEND NOT staying on this island….there was really nothing to do, nothing to see, just hotels, and bars and people trying to sell you stuff. If you come a long ways to travel wouldnt you rather stay one more night in the bay on a junk? SURE YOU WOULD. FInd and ask for two nights on the boat and not one night…you will enjoy it much more.

    ALL tours go to the caves, so dont think you will miss it. We also went to a small island and hiked inland to a small remote village and ate lunch. it was really nice. I saw other companies doing the same trip but ON BIKES. DO whatever you want to do.

    IF and when i go back i hope to find a kayak company and camp out on many of the deserted islands that are out there away from people. To me that would be a real experience. There are a few small floating hotels/shacks on the water which would be great to stay at too. I also saw a fish farm and toured it which was great.

    People will come up to you while on your junk in what i call “floating 7-11’s and selling your whatever. I was able to buy beer and wine from them that was 1/2 of what they were charging on the boat….so think of that option.

    Take sunscreen, a good rain jacket and wind jacket, small pack with water and lots of memory on your camera.

    hope this helps.

  3. Halong Bay- is good idea when you travelling Hanoi. You should spend 2 days 1 night to explore Halong with many beautiful caves and islands.


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