Ha long Bay

Located in the North East Vietnam, Ha Long Bay is a part of North Bay, including sea city of Ha Long, Cam Pha Town and part of the island district of Van ?on. Southwestwards Bay Cat Ba island borders, the east is the sea, the remaining adjacent land, with coast line 120 km long, is limited since 106o58 ‘- 107o22’ East Longitude and 20o45 ‘- 20o50’ North latitude with total area of 1,553 km2, including 1,969 large and small islands, of which 989 islands and 980 named islands not named. Islands of Ha Long Bay are two islands are limestone islands and phi?n th?ch, concentrated in two regions is the region southeast (belonging to Bai Tu Long Bay) and the southwestern region (belonging to Ha Long Bay area) with age in create geology from 250 to 280 million years. Focus areas of special island thickness has landscape items Vocational many caves and beautiful region is renowned center of natural heritage Ha Long Bay, including Ha Long Bay and part of Bai Tu Long Bay. Areas of natural heritage is world recognized the area of 434 km2, including 775 islands, such as a triangle with 3 vertices is Started Wood Island (west), a three Jet (south), handcuff island (the east) area next to the buffer area and the famous landscapes of the Ministry of National Cultural Information ranking in 1962.

From on high looking down, Ha Long Bay as a giant picture of extremely lively. Navigate between the Ha Long, one doubt as to have a world of being of ancient stone, the same island image is a stand on the land (more than Started A), the island is like a dragon flying over the water eel (more models), an island similar to an aged, he is sitting fishing (his Vong Hon), Hon sail than Expanding Chicken, Hon Lu Huong … All look very real, to the amazing. Shape of the cut variables wonders that wise considering the angle the light of day and the viewing angle. Hidden in the rocky islands that are beautiful caves such as the Thien Cung, Wood top, the shocking, the Tam Cung … This is the long-term nature of ch?n underworld. From time immemorial, Ha Long’s name was Hao Nguyen Trai ethnic par is of the land between the high heaven. Ha Long Bay is also associated with the development of ethnic history with famous places such as Van ?on – where trading port of a famous (1149), with mountain writing poems written by many of my chaplain, celebrity, far more than a little Bach Sign rivers – where the match witnessed two warship get l?ng’s father visited him against foreign invasions .. Not only that, Ha Long is now the scientific proof is one where the people of culture from Ha Long Hau has any new places with archeologist known as Networking, U.S. chain, Soi Nhu, the wells … Ha Long is also concentrated biodiversity with the ecosystem typical ecosystems such as mangroves, ecosystem coral reefs, ecosystems increase Ang, ecosystem tropical forests … With thousands of species, vegetation extremely rich forest under the sea, fish, squid … Species are particularly rare, only in this place.

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With the values so special, on 17/12/1994, in the 18 th meeting of the Council world heritage under UNESCO held in Thailand, Ha Long Bay was officially recognized as a natural heritage , affirmed the value of the global natural heritage World Ha Long Bay.


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