Gujarat state of India

The Gujarat state of India, boasts of a rich culture and heritage. The people of Gujarat are very particular regarding their value system. They have preserved the ancient art and craft techniques and still practice them with great determination. Gujaratis are proud of their customs and traditions and follow them with utmost pride.


Gujarat is known as the land of festivals. A number of fairs and festivals are celebrated in the state with great fervor and joy. The celebrations of these occasions are accompanied with traditional dance and music performances. The state has been blessed with a rich tradition of performing arts.


Gujarat is a state of music lovers and has produced some of the best musicians of India. It is said that the legendary musicians Baiju Bawra and Tana Riri belong to the state itself. Narsinh Mehta, of the ‘Vaishnav Janto’ acclaim, also hails from Gujarat.

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  1. Gujarat is famous for it’s unique indian culture,tradition and customs. Also, different kind of music and festivals always attracts the tourist in Gujarat.


    Gujarat has always been an important centre for the Jains, and some of its most important sights are the Jain temple complexes like those at Palitana and Girnar Hill. Other places of tourist interest include religious spots like Dwarka, Somnath, Pavagadh, Ambaji, Bhadreshwar, Shamlaji and Taranga; Porbandar, birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi, memorable architectural and archaeological monuments in places like Patan, Siddhpur Ghumli, Dabhoi, Vadnagar, Modhera, Lothal and Ahmedabad; beautiful beaches like Ahmedpur-Mandvi, Corwad, Ubharat and Tithal; the hill resort of Satpura, the lion sanctuary of Gir Forest and the Wild Ass sanctuary in the Kutch area.

    Gujrat is an ancient district of Pakistan located in between two famous rivers, i.e., River Jehlum and River Chenab. Because of it’s proximity with the rivers the land is good for cultivation with rice and sugar cane as main crops.Apart from agriculture Gujrat is also known in the world for it’s clay with which Gujratis produce quality pottery since ages. Apart from agriculture and clay the city is well known form decades due to its fan , furniture manufacturing skills,also Jalalpur is a large town of Gujrat, where several small and large textile industrial unit have been established.

    Gujrat is have mastered the skills of conditioning the wood and producing world class furniture having immaculate finish. Over last few decades Gujrat has also attained a name in export of electric fan . On the whole it is a city to worth reckoning presently and in days to come.


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