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Best Green Town,Madison

When you talk about one being conscious of his environment, we have just a few towns that can compete with Madison. It has one of the best urban bicycle systems in the country, a nationally commended chef in the locavore restaurant. They are other countless eco-friendly initiatives that contribute in making Madison the center for all. It is known to have the most vibrant green economy and progressive urban planner mayors. It has the best new bicycle commuter infrastructure and plans for new light rail system.

Kigoma, Tanzania


There is the Gombe Stream National Park for those who love beautiful places on earth. It is a good place to relax with family members because it is not a bustling metropolis that may be maimed by noise. In Kigoma, you can hear the sounds of birds, catch butterflies and swim along with the locals.

The Safari is one of the places you can find tourists who are coming to Tanzania. The Mahale Mountains National Park and the Gombe Stream National Park is where the activities begin. There are lots of wild chimpanzees here and the settings are stunning. These parks offer you an opportunity to see the big primates in their natural environment.

Dubai, UAE


One of the best spots in the city is the Dubai Fountains. If you are romantic, you would love to spend your time on the outside at one of the restaurants close and just watch the world go by. You would appreciate beauty in this spot and marvel at the way people react to these fountains. These foundations are just not designed to throw waters around but to make you catch your breath because of the way that they have been designed. Come to think of it, you have everything you can ever desire in fountains and their allure when you are in Dubai.

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Sao Paulo, Brazil

Coming to Sao Paulo, Brazil can be fun for so many people due to the natural vegetation and tourist attraction centers that are scattered all over the place like the ones in Brazil. The airport that would take care of your flight need is Sao Paulo Airport that has car hire services that makes it easier for you to move around with ease. With the best tourism trained scouts who are all over the airport you can the best from tourism in the country. There are book stands, malls, saloons and so many facilities that would be able to handle your personal need when you are in this country.

Delian, China


Looking for a place to unwind, Delian can be that perfect tourist destination with lots of beaches to lazy around and coasts to stroll along. It is beautifully perched on a peninsula that borders the famous Yellow Sea. This is where people who want to have a relaxed time chill when they are in China come to. There are tree lined streets, fresh air, good weather and impressive architectural structures. The charms can attract some serious shoppers too and for fun seekers, it is a great destination.

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