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Food cannot be neglected in any part of the world. If you are traveling to a different region or continent, you may end up eating meals that are quite different from whatever you must have tasted in your life. This is the reason why you are always thinking of what to eat when you are travelling. There are a lot of places where you can visit and not have challenge with what to eat. These places are what we have listed for you to see.



The world’s largest markets on weekends is a labyrinth of great confusion, having a narrow way between the food stalls and stands, the market is located near Bang Sue railway station in north-central Bangkok , this busy area is a foodie’s idea of heaven having many stalls selling most of the best dishes .


TanzaniaTanzania is the fifth largest country in Africa and its population is only growing. The discovery of natural resources in the country in recent years has only gone to add to the purchasing power of the population. Fast food businesses will benefit from penetrating the market in Tanzania especially because it is not yet saturated. Just like other African countries, a fast food chain will do better if they take into consideration the local taste of the place in which they operate. Given that the economy of the country is set to notice rapid growth, this is a potential investor destination.



Kreta Ayer Wet Market is a nice place to look out for clean food without any regrets about it considering the high level of hygienic standard in Singapore. The market is situated at the city’s famous Chinatown, there you will find different kinds of food like exotic imported foods, frogs traditional Chinese herbal remedies, fruits and vegetables with different colors.



For any kind of British traditional and international foods of your choice taking a walk along the dynamic south embankment of River Thames near London Bridge, then move south to the open-air Borough Market will have your appetite whet as Borough Market is located in a corner in Southwark. This is where a lot of chefs and supermarkets come for their products. The residents of London are seen here too trying to get their food products from this market.



Nigeria is a giant country in Africa in terms of population and economy. The country has a huge market and businesses can be sure they will survive. The most important factor that influences growth of industries here is the huge population. Nigeria is one country in Africa that has a population that is very eager to adopt western habits. Unlike other African countries, Nigerians are more likely to buy from a fast food shop.

These destinations are where you can eat healthy and have some of the most delicious meals that you can ever think of. The good news is that the food in these destinations is very affordable and rich. This is why we have made this list possible.

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