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If you have a look at the ten best places in Austria, then Graz is definitely one among them.

Graz To Salzburg By Bus

Its beautiful landscapes, dramatic history, historical buildings, churches, cathedrals and many other things to see and enjoy with your entire family.


An amazing city in Austria, which is nested between two mountains and a river Salzburg.This is a perfect place for spending one complete day and enjoy the nature. Mozart, who is a famous musician is from Salzburg and many tourists visiting this place for this reason only.

Here are the available modes of Transport from Graz to Salzburg

Bus ticket from Graz to Salzburg

Now, the best way and the cheapest mode of transport to reach Salzburg from Graz is by the bus. Yes, you have buses from Graz to Salzburg for every two hours and they are very comfortable. The journey time is going to be 3 hours 59 minutes if you are taking a direct bus. You also have buses from Graz to Linz and then again you will have to board a bus at Linz to Salzburg. This journey time is 5 hours and 44 minutes. The fare for direct bus is $60 and the other one is between $9 to $25.

Graz To Salzburg By Bus

Train ticket from Graz to Salzburg

The train journey between these two places is 4 hours and 6 minutes. But you will not have direct train between Graz and Salzburg. You should first board a train at Graz and then get down at Bischofshofen, which is going to take 3 hours and 3 minutes. Then from Bischofshofen to Salzburg is another train, which takes 45 minutes. You have hourly trains between Graz and Bischofshofen. And from Bischofshofen to Salzburg, you have train for every 30 minutes. The total fare is between $56 to $76.

Flight ticket from Graz to Salzburg

You have flights to Salzburg from Graz on a daily basis and the duration of your journey is 49 minutes. The flight ticket for one way would cost you something around $133. So, you can choose bus or train, you are looking for a budget trip.

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