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The lasting storms cause many disadvantages to the tourism industry in general. However, the rainy season has been the “gold season” of the tourism industry in the south central coast.

Up to now, Khanh Hoa filfuled almost preparing to welcome international visitors in this winter reason , not only create the impression of tourism products but also maintain, establish international direct flights in Khanh Hoa- familiar destination for travelers looking for a warm space in the winter.

The sunlight in the middle winter become valuable tourism product for the visitors come from the country that always in cold. They spend a whole day to enjoy sea waves in the rainy season. Not only the sea, there are other attractive destinations in Nha Trang. Travelers will live in the warmth of Vietnam’s winter thanks for emotional warmth of Vietnamese people, Vietnam’s colorful cultures and Vietnamese traditional food.

“ Gold tourism season” in Khanh Hoa1

“ Gold tourism season” in Khanh Hoa2

Three months last year consider as the low season for domestic visitors but it is the high season for international visitors. Up to this time, many travel companies and tourism destinations in Khanh Hoa estimated that international travelers visit Khanh Hoa in this winter can be increased 10-20% with the same period last year.

Ms Yergia Herrick- a visitor said about her experience “ Why I want to come here? Because the people are friendly and kindly and everything is cozy and wonderful here

“ Gold tourism season” in Khanh Hoa3

“ Gold tourism season” in Khanh Hoa4

It’s not surprised that international visitors like destinations in South Central such as Nha Trang- Khanh Hoa, Phan Thiet- Binh Thuan because European and American visitors consider as the ideal place to avoid the winter.

“ Gold tourism season” in Khanh Hoa5

Many tourism promotion programs increasingly promote efficiency in the market taking visitors to Vietnam. Especially, last year direct flights set from the Russia Far East to Cam Ranh airport last year opened the opportunity for Khanh Hoa and South Central’s tourism increasing the number of international visitors.

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