Girls Holiday To St Barths

Saint Barthelemy or popularly called as Sat Barts is a beautiful small French island packed with many things to do and see, located between the Leeward Islands in Caribbean. The island is popular for its gourmet dining at stylish restaurants, lovely pristine beaches, packed with a lot of water activities, with fashionable boutiques in its capital, Gustavia. Well, with so many things to do along with beaches, our next destination was Saint Barthelemy. Both of us like to spend time outdoors in our free time, and when it comes to vacation, we choose the best that offers a perfect blend of water sports, beaches, food, dining, and shopping. So, we decided for Saint Bart as our next destination.

Girls Holiday to St Barths

Saint Bart looked incredible from the plane’s window with red roofed villas, dotting the hills. The bird’s eye was amazing and we were already excited to get off the plane and reach the hotel. We in an hour’s time, touched down Saint Barth’s airport and headed towards the hotel. The way from our airport to the hotel gave us the little picture of what all is stored inside, and believe me with what we saw, we were sure that there is plenty stored inside to amuse and amaze us. With so much of excitement and expectation inside us, we hired a taxi and headed towards the beach for our favourite activity- Snorkelling and Scuba Diving.

We had heard a lot about the sea life and coral plate at the beaches of Saint Barth offering spectacular experiences while snorkelling and scuba diving. The waters are perfect for all kinds of divers and we being the experienced people had no difficulty in diving. There are also a variety of fishes and outstanding ship wrecks pair offering a unique and exciting underwater scenes. We headed towards the St Barts Marine Reserve, popular for scuba diving. This reserved was created in 90s to protect island fisheries, sea life and renew the large area of ruined coral from a blend of rough hurricanes and anchoring. We saw many diving guides escorting the travellers and divers to the many reserve locations.

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Girls Holiday to St Barths

We went to the harbour of Gustavia, very near to the St Barts marine drive. And the Marine of St Barts protects areas close to the beaches like Colombier Beach, Forchue Island, and Marigot Bay. We were pretty excited about exploring the ship wrecks that sank during the hurricanes in 1990s. We divided from the Gros Islet, which is at 46 feet maximum and spent good amount of time underwater, exploring the ships and the variety of fishes, eels, and turtles. The time passed by soon and the underwater trip got over. Well, I just did not want to come out, but had to.

We came up the water level, wondering how truly amazing experience it was. After taking a short break, we did Snorkelling at the Flamanda Beach.

Flamanda beach is a lovely beach and is one of the best beaches of the world. It is the best beach on the island and yes, this proved true when we saw with our own eyes. The sand is smooth, silvery and glazes under the Sunshine. The blue azure is breathtaking with coraf reefs offering many shades of blue and green. The beach has villas and old homes of the fishermen and a very serene and unique touch to it. This beach is supposed to have many fish and coral and our decision of snorkelling at Flamanda was a perfect choice.

Girls Holiday to St Barths

A long colourful day came to an end and we went to Gustavia to eat out and satiate our appetite for food at one of the very popular French restaurants. Had some flavoursome food made by the French chefs that truly added more taste to our first day at St Barts.

The next day we simply wanted to relax and explore the various beaches. St Barts is famous for its beaches, including the nude beaches, because they are secluded. We both being girls really wanted to have some gala time at the beaches, therefore, decided to visit some of the best beaches of Saint Barts. Our day started with the Shell Beach which is a very short walk from the Gustavia. We reached the beach in about 10 minutes, enjoying the stroll and discussing our boyfriends! LOL! The beach is full of shells and that makes it unique and hence the name. We had been told that its expensive to rent the chair and umbrella, therefore, we had already taken our blankets. We lay on the blankets and enjoyed the view, collected shells to take back home and got ourselves tanned over drinks. After a while, we decided to visit the next beach, Grand Cul De Sac Beach.

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Girls Holiday to St Barths

Grand Cul De Sac beach is encompassed with lovely green hills all around and blue turquoise waters with white sandy beach took our breath away. This beach had a different feel to it that was showcasing the French style, the natural wonder of Sun, sand, and water with many small places to eat out. Along with this, there was also a windsurfing station. We relaxed there for couple of hours, had some good French dishes, and decided to windsurf. The beach is not for snorkelling or scuba, but is great for windsurfing and now that we were there, we did not want to upset our adventure spirits. And, it was Windsurfing for us!

We went to the windsurfing station and asked the guides to help us with it. I did it couple of years back with my boyfriend, and Kara had done it the last year. So, were quite good at it already. We started surfing at around 3 PM and enjoyed for an hour or so. Well, indeed a great experience!

In the evening, we wanted to do Jet skiing and there was also a jetski station at the Grand Cul De Sac beach. We both hired one jetski and we cruised on the lovely waters all by ourselves on our private scooter. Well, what a fun it was! We spent an hour jet skiing and came back really refreshed.

Girls Holiday to St Barths

The evening went by exploring the beach, grabbing bites, and discussing our next plan of action the next day. The third day, we wanted to spend a day yatching and going on a turtle and whale watching cruise.

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So, we hired a luxury yatch the next day for a half day to see the interesting marine life of Caribbean. St Barts attracts yatching lovers from all over the world and even the celebrities like Mariah carry, kate moss have been on luxury yatchs from St Bart.

Enjoying the spectacular horizon, the water, the Sun and the fresh breeze, we delighted all our senses. After a few hours, we reached a place where we spotted dolphins and turtles, A great moment where we both captured unlimited pictures. The yatch stopped over an island for a luxury lunch. We then came back after a while, completely rejeuvinated and relaxed.

The next day we were flying back to our home, so we had only half day left with us. So, we decided to visit the Gustavia’s much popuplar chic and upscale boutiques because women and shopping go hand in hand. Some of the native items include shell jewellery, sandals, t-shirts, palm straw hand woven hats, baskets, and handbags. We bought few stuff for ourselves and the people back at home. The same evening, we attended the much popular fashion show at the Le Dobrazil restaurant, located at the shell beach. We did enjoy a lot that evening, reminiscing the time spent in the last three days, watched the show, and stirred our taste buds at the resautrant.

The next morning, feeling a little low ( and you know why), we packed our bags, called the taxi and headed towards the airport.

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