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Getting To Marseille Provence Airport - Travel Advice from the Pros
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A lot of things are associated with Marseille and one of those things is tourism. You can have the fun of your life when you are in this French city. To make Marseille easier and more accessible for those who are wondering how they would get around especially to the city, we have designed a perfect route that would take them to the various parts of the city. With these routes, you can be at anywhere you want to be.


The Marseille Provence airport is located about 12 miles from the city. This means that the aiprot is located on the N113 road at Marignane which is near to both Vitrolles and Les Pennes-Mirabeau. The directions to Marseille Provence Airport city when coming from the south :Travel north on the A55 until you reach the AT. Drive north-east toward Marignane on the AT until you reach the N113. Follow the N113 to the airport. and from the North: Head south on the A7 and exit onto the N113 and Stay on the N113 and follow the signs to the airport.

Coming to the airport with a car hire is advised for those who would want to get to the airport on time without public transport challenges. Car hire can save one the challenges of waiting endlessly for a cab or bus to the Marseille Provence airport. This is the reason why people who are coming to this airport are using these of cars to their advantage. There is a convenience that is maintained when a car is hired because it would save time and discomfort that may be rise when making use of public transportation.


Choose a car of your choice and fulfil all requirements then on the way you are with the car. Remember that there is always a contract binding you and Marseille Airport car hire company which normally covers maintenance and breakdown including theft depending on the location and and duration of the contract.

You can join the company of big boys or society ladies by moving to Marseille Airport from the car of your choice with car hire. All you need is just to look out for hire company at the airport and go through their terms and conditions. See which of the packages and your budget and meets your demand.


This has become what a lot of tourists are doing to stay away from any type of challenges that they may encounter in the city’s transport system. There are so many transport systems that are available for you. You can equally make use of the trains or even the bus if you are not going to make use of the cabs. For the first time visitors, it is imperative that they make use of the taxi. It would be safer and easier to ply the roads. This is most important for those who cannot speak the French Language. The cost of making use of this is nothing compared to what you may get or even loss if you make use of the buses.

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