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Wayang Kulit Indonesia

Indonesia is a country that consists of many islands, in which there are so many cultures. Indonesia has many tribes boost to the cultural diversity of Indonesia. From Sabang to Merauke have their own cultural. one dalah Wayang Kulit Indonesia. Maybe some Indonesian people already know very well about the Indonesian culture of this one. Wayang kulit is an art that comes from the rapidly growing Indonesian primarily in Java. Shadow puppets themselves are very closely related to the mastermind who play it. Puppet itself played out behind the scenes highlighted by the lights, then pentonton can pay attention to the storyline of the movement and also the story of the puppeteer. Usually wayang kulit own introduction to using Java language smooth and stories based on the story of Mahabharata and Ramayana manuscript.

Wayang kulit Indonesia is one of the cultures that had been developed, it is because of a shift in age and more and more young children Indonesia were not so a good understanding of the Java language Krama Inggil or manners refined, making puppeteer must think about how innovation that shadow puppets are not only enjoyed by the parents but also by young people. Already many puppeteers in Indonesia alone who do such innovations in terms of the language used or also from the stories submitted. Usually the story presented here closer to the people.

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Leather puppet story is now more to the everyday social activities so it is easier to understand and enjoy. Wayang kulit Indonesia itself has been recognized by UNESCO as the original culture of Indonesia which certainly can not be claimed by other countries. UNESCO also recognizes wayang kulit as one of the world’s assets that should always be preserved. We as people of Indonesia must surely be proud with what we have. Various cultures throughout Indonesia is one reason Indonesian known internationally as a country that is very rich in culture. This also underlies why many foreigners who choose to spend a holiday in Indonesia.

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In addition to its natural beauty of course, foreign tourists also want to enjoy how the culture of indigenous people of Indonesia. Strangers will surely be amazed with what is owned by Indonesia. One of them is the Indonesian shadow puppets, if people or foreign tourists want to see the shadow puppet then usually also be provided an interpreter so that the foreigner can also enjoy the story line. The government also increasingly sought to introduce the cultural heritage of Indonesia to the international arena, one through kemenpar by launching a website that Indonesia Travel which there are a lot of information about Indonesian culture making it easier to access.

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