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Shop at Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue

In New York, there are lots of places where you can shop but at the Fifth Avenue, that is where shopping becomes a luxury. This is where you would be seeing Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Giorgio Armani. This is where you are going to find some of the best shops in the world. The shops you would see here include the Saks shop which is a legendary department shop. You can shop, unwind and even relax in any of the plush bars in Fifth Avenue. You can even take a trip to the Empire State Building.

Have an Antipodean Retreat at North Island Coast

North Island Coast

The North Island Coast is one place where you can have a great antipodean retreats. This destination is for tasty wineries that have so many places to explore such as its famed Craggy Range and not to forge that there are wave-lashed local beaches that are most visit like the Waimarama, in Cape South. This destination is carefully taken care of by the rolling hills. This is found around the beautiful Hawke’s Bay on New Zealand’s North Island. It boasts of a 1905 elegant accommodation, contemporary stylish cottages, that has swimming pool and al fresco hot tub with Pacific views.

A Great View at The Beach Havens

Beach Haven

In no particular order, we would start with Hawaii where you can find some of the finest beaches on planet earth. However, thinking of a beach haven, then you should be heading to Kaiolohia Beach, that is situated on the island of Lania. You can sunbath, look at the eerie wreckage view of the 1940s oil tanker that is staring shyly from the azure coral reef.

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Hike at Hawail


You can plan your hiking expedition in Hawaii. Each of these islands has places to move around. You can hike in some of the finest places in the world. Are you still wondering why you should come to Hawaii? We believe that these reasons are just what you need if you are going to come to Hawaii. There are a lot of meals to eat at an affordable rate. Even the accommodation here is another exciting activity to be engaged in. The surroundings and the activities that are well packaged for tourists is world class. This is the reason why a lot of people are seen coming to Hawaii every year. You can now see the many reasons why you should come over to Hawaii and have a great time.

Explore at Vienna


Vienna is clean, quiet and safe with this gentle pace that is orderly and you can always find a seat without rushing inside a tram or train. There is this sense of belonging when you are here. To appease the tourists, the most fascinating places in the city are walk-able and the entrance fees to some of these places are cheap.

Some evenings you may see the Vienna Royal Orchestra perform an evening of Mozart and Strauss at the House of Industries. This is an intimate and beautiful building that has this great main hall that is spectacular.

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