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Being the start of the Christmas holidays, we set forth as a family to the Fraser Island for a formidable moment away from the daily hustles and bustles of life. Fraser Island is truly an awesome destination to make your holiday perfect and memorable. The island has a versatile collection of attractions which include freshwater courses, lakes, dive areas, hills, tours and monuments among many others. The landscape is auspicious allowing you to have a superb walk or drive to many parts of the island. The atmosphere is also the best and most accommodative in all weathers. Our visit was certainly the greatest we had ever had in our lives that I got encouraged to share to all and sundry planning for their visits to the island.

Fraser Island Travel Guide

Our charming adventure commenced at the magnetic Eli Creek. This was certainly one of the best spots to start our merry. The stream lies on the eastern part of the island’s coast. We were first impressive by the magnitude of the stream that stretched far into the horizon. The water was placid clean that we could hardly resist the urge to swim into them. We actually enjoyed swimming deep below the cool waters while appreciating the tranquility abhorred in them. The wooden attractive and well-structured walkways were yet another alluring discovery. We trailed around the stream while getting infused by the calm air that filled the whole region. It was surely hard to leave the area. Our visit had started perfectly.

Fraser Island Travel Guide

The magnetic Cathedrals were next on our adventure list. The cathedrals were a trueremembrance of the famous Cathedrals in Europe. Though our expectations were of seeing great buildings, we were amused beyond doubt on discovering the mighty cliffs that stood elect on the ground exhibiting their charm. The cliffs were indeed inviting with lovely shades of red, orange, brown and yellow. We had great fun sitting around the rocky eroded protrusions as we witnessed the magnificent beauties stretching far below them. It was certainly one of the best places to have photos as such magical attractions were very rare. My kids were impeccably interested in discovering the chemical reactions that had led to the lovely colorations on the rocks. It was indeed a great experience. We also had fun sauntering across the cliffs to the other end where we came across more eroded protrusion that only deserved photos. We would certainly visit the place again.

Fraser Island Travel Guide

We then progressed for a walk along the Fraser Island Great Walk. The trail was incredibly spectacular that no visitor in the area would fail toenjoy hiking along it. Dili Village which marked the beginning of the route was a beautiful site to be in. The village was in a lovely scenery with large hordes of forthcoming locals who helped us in appreciating the many wonders that belonged to it. We started our hike from the lovely minerscamping area. Each and every one of us hardly veiled his joy being one of the most excellent trip we had so far planned.The path would up and down. We enjoyedthatcalmness that we found on every part of it. The foliage covered the grounds perfectly allowing lots of spaces for us to rest on our way. There were also many camping sites along it where we enjoyed buying drinks. It took us almost half a day to reach the Happy Valley. This valley was yet another marvelous discovery. It looked fantastic with a greenly coverage and a tranquil ambiance. It was truly one of the places we would never imagine circumventing. We spent more time there relaxing and exchanging the experiences we had had.

Fraser Island Travel Guide

The famous sandy cape on the northern part of Fraser Island was another place we had merry touring. Though the site looked very remote, it had lots of wonderful things to appreciate. We moved straight to the lighthouse that stood over a hilly landscape. We were overwhelmed with joy as we ascended the low lying hill and moreover the fact that we were walking in a less populated area which enabled us to have all the place to ourselves. The lighthouse was mighty and magnetic. Its architectural design was superb and we had to have its photos. Its interior part was also dazzling. We enjoyed being in the company of friendly guides as we walked from room to room. There were many of them dedicated to retain the rich culture of the island. We then ascended to its pinnacle via well maintained lifts. From there we managed to get panoramic views of the underlying beautiful highlights of the region. It was undoubtedly one great place that made us feel like we were in another planet. We would certainly have to visit the places many other times.

Fraser Island Travel Guide

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The formidable Indian Heads and Waddy Pointwas another gorgeous place of adventure. Here, the famous Orchid Beach lay open waiting for our arrival. The beach was with no doubt magical and splendid. The sands were pristine white and soft. It felt too nice walking barefooted over them each time sinking into them. We would definitely never forget such a great experience. We spent much time strolling along the coast line to the Waddy Point. The fishermen were also in plenty and we joined the in digging out the fishes from the water. It was surely a breath taking thing as we also got a chance to learn some fishing tips. The fishes were the most mouthwatering among all that we had tasted. We, in fact bought some to carry home. Swimming I the waters could not be left out. The water was cool, clean and tempting. We dived deep below each time gaining more fun as we discovered the brilliant fishes enjoying themselves in the water. We barely wanted to come out of them. We then had more joy stretching over the sands as the sun hit our backs lightly.Memories of the place will definitely remain engulfed in our minds.

Fraser Island Travel Guide

Having amassed most of the beauty associated with the beach, we drove up to the enchanting Maheno Wreck that was only a few miles away. The landmark was fabulous. It still exhibited a lot of its charm. We enjoyed ascending to its top to a better view of it. It was indeed wonderful that only thoughts of how it looked like when it was very new kept criss crossing our minds. The top was a lucrative point of witnessing beautiful waves forming high and low over the ocean with some stretching to the wreck. We were however worried that it might get worn out in some years to come as waves seemed too had on it. The atmosphere there was the best we could ever dream of. The place was indeed worth our efforts.

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Fraser Island Travel Guide

We then took an Australian Sunset Safaris forafinal exploration of the island. The tour was mind blogging. We were welcomed by very friendly and fantastic guides who made everything appear the very best. They helped in understanding all the places that we would beventuring into. We were incredibly indebted to them. Our tour started off at the Brisbane to the rainforests. Countless wildlife was housed within the boundaries of the forest. We liked the experience very much and especially when we came across the birds which we were free to feed right from our hands. We then driven to Tera Nova films area where enjoyed the rest our trip watching different series of movies. It was one visit that we would hardly forget all our life time. We actually started planning for a second visit to the Fraser Island.

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