Foreigners Celebrate Xmas In Vietnam For Firsttime

Jean Philippe’s wife is half Vietnamese. Therefore, the three-generation of Philippe family decided to break the routine this year by not welcoming Christmas in France as usual. Instead, they would arrive in Vietnam for the first time, also as a gift for their daughter-in-law.

They told our reporter they would celebrate Christmas in Ha Long Bay. They love its wonderful weather and would taste traditional French dishes on Christmas Eve without cooking them as in previous years.

Pierre has been to Vietnam four times and feels deeply attached to this peaceful country. He has decided to take his mother and wife to Vietnam for Christmas and New Year celebrations. They were very interested to find out that Christmas has become an occasion for various cultural events, and also when couples in love present each other with gifts, children wait for the appearance of Santa Claus, and families and friends go to parties and sing karaoke together.

Pierre said his family would stay in Vietnam for another three weeks, because they loved Vietnam and Hanoi – a peaceful and amiable city.

We met the Petro family, from America, when they were posing for photos at Hanoi’s Cathedral before flying to Ho Chi Minh City to observe Christmas. The Petros said they had booked a tour of Vietnam to welcome Christmas and New Year.

Meanwhile, Mathew from Germany, and his friends plan to tour major tourist spots in Vietnam before returning to Hanoi for Christmas. Mathew said that on Christmas Day, he and his friend would walk around Hanoi, visit restaurants and see how Christmas was celebrated in the city. One good thing, he said, is that Hanoi has no snow or extreme cold weather, which makes them freeze back in Germany.

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Vietnam has become an attractive destination for foreign tourists not only because of its beautiful scenery, rich culture and people’s hospitality, but also the peace and harmony between different religions.

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