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If anyone asked that – whether Hanoian or tourists who come to visit – something unique and impressive in Hanoi, the answer must be many things, and the things that have street florist .

Just looking at flower bicycles on Phan Dinh Phung St or Yen Phu St, you will know it is spring or autumn in Hanoi. Hanoians who live far from the capital will deeply remember the city once they see these flower bikes.

For a long time, the image of the bike loaded with flowers become familiar and close to Hanoi . The flower baskets on bicycles roamed around on the roads, from big cities to small lane, sunny days and rainy days, like the four seasons. Hanoi although much has changed, and the land is still more flowers, the ancient Hanoi with flowers hobby – it’s an elegant hobby.

Flower Vendors in Hanoi

Flowers are grown primarily located in Hanoi and neighboring areas such as Ngoc Ha, Tu Lien, Thanh Tri , Dien … And if anyone understands the hardships of farmer, they would love, love Hanoi more !

Flower vendors almost exclusively for who love flowers, not for giving ritual nature. By flower vendors do not have such elaborate floral beauty in store, not posing, stylish shape as bouquets, flower baskets available for sale. Because rustic flowers, and sellers often do not have ” spare parts “, ” jewelry ” other than newspapers and wire paper strips required for flower buyers .

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But the flowers he still walks around the streets of Hanoi bring color, fragrance brings to every home.

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You’ve been to many cities , but I believe that Hanoi is home to many of the largest flower – the flower shop ” movable ” roam the streets , has created a unique beauty and romance that nowhere have.

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