Five Places You Must Visit Before This Year

We have listed some of places that we would wish that you visit before the end of the year. These destinations are beautiful and have various things that make them exceptional.



The south central portion of India is dominated by Hyderabad and its food; well who not loves the Hyderabadi Biriyani. If you are travelling to Hyderabad and yet not going to enjoy the Hyderabadi Biriyani, then the trip remains incomplete. The specialty of Hyderabadi Biriyani is that it is not sweet; yet wholesome. There is not limitation of the on-vegetarian foods in Hyderabad and the enough Biriyani it serves has no limit. The other well known foods are kebabs, korma and other types of meat preparations. Now, you can see why a lot of people come around here for their vacations.

Santz Cruz Island, Galapagos, Ecuador

This is one of the places where you will see whale sharks. Santz Cruz has a rich of underwater life that leaves the guests breathing with excitement. You cannot miss these whales here and if you want to see them in large number, you should be coming between the months of June and November. This is the period when a lot of tourists are seen visiting this great island.

Hluhluwe- Imfolozi Park

Hluhluwe- Imfolozi Park

This National park is the oldest of all and takes the third position in sighting all the big five. Lions, buffalos, rhinos, elephants and leopards; the rangers know the best where these big five is to be found. These people know the exact spots of finding the famous five. This National park has the largest rhino conservation in the whole of Africa. The conservation started during 1950s and 1960s. Leopards are nocturnal animals and are found during sunset or night drive as they are seen during that time.

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Dwarf City, China

Do not think that the name of this place is a fairy tale, there are real dwarfs here. The Dwarf City is known to measure as little as 4 ft and 3 inches tall. In this place, the dwarfs have their own police service and fire brigade. This is located in Kunming, Southern China. It was discovered in 2009 by some dwarves. It was these dwarves that transformed the once boring place into a living theme park, they had built mushroom shaped homes that they live in and sometimes, they are seen with fairytale costumes that they use in winning attention.

Aoshima, Japan

Aoshima, Japan

In this place, you are going to see a lot of cats in this remote island. There are a lot of cats that you would see here and they outnumber the humans who live here. In the beginning, fishermen had spent a lot of money in bringing cats to fight the thousand of rats there. Over the years, these cats have become so large in numbers that a lot of tourists are now feeding these cats. Aoshima has become one of the sacred places that you can visit in Japan. It is now a conservation center for cats and for cat lovers, this is one perfect place to be.

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