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When it comes to exercise, a lot of people lost it because they are thinking of getting an expected result from an exercise break. We would be taking you from one exercise break to another to help you make an excellent walk out during your break. It is all going to be fun and we would want you to get prepared because you are definitely going to have a lot of things to do and also to explore in different parts of the world. We would be taking you through the cycling in Laos that is amazing to the boot camp that you can experience in Mallorca. We would leave you to explore the different parts of the world during your exercise break.

Running the Highlands Scotland


Are you tired of running the pavements around? Just pack your bags and have a renewed sense of excitement of making a pounding on the Scotland floor. You are going to find that enthusiasm that would push you to run over some of the most famous places in the world for runners; the moorland of the Balmoral Estate is one place that you can run to and make your running goals possible. There are a lot of accommodation facilities for you to make use of and even extra activities like the archery, biking, fishing and pony trekking.

Cycling tour in Laos


Do not get tired because we would be moving…No! cycling until we reach 50 miles when we are in Laos and it is definitely, an everyday stuff. The roads are quiet and easy to be on and the rest vehicles are behind to support you. When you get tired during any of the challenges like climbing, there are therapists who are available to support you and even massage. Think about it. This is a cycling tour that would take you to different parts of the city, it begins in Chiang Rai in Thailand , and it would end in Vientiane which is the Laos capital.You can get accommodation that are affordable including meals.

Pilates breaks in Sussex

Come to Sussex, where you are going to meet with fitness instructor and pilates teacher Jo Southgate. When you come here in a weekend, you are going to have pilates that would be combined with meditation and walking. She lives in Duncton Mill, in an 18th century farmhouse in Sussex. There are activities for you to do such as tai chi, yoga, painting, holistic workshops and lots more. Not forgetting reflexology and massages.

Walking spa in UK


Joanna Hall is a fitness and diet consultant who runs three-day walking weekends, and a lot of people are seen coming around here. The activities that may interest you while you are here may include the spa treatments and workshops, that would teach you on how to improve your fitness, body tone and posture while you walk.

Army boot camp in Mallorca


A former army PT instructors is the one runs this fitness week . You are expected to be awake at 6am every day and do a lot of activities.

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