Five Enchanting Places To Visit This Christmas

The Pink Lake, Dakar

Pink Lake

The Pink Lake is where you see the traditional salt harvesters take salt from this highly concentrated salt water and you can take a trip to the Les Almadies for bird watching, this is one of the places people come to see migratory birds especially there is the Iles de la Madeleine which is the only known African nesting site of the red-billed tropicbird. Your trip to Dakar may not be complete if you do not visit the African Renaissance Monument, a colossal statue that is displayed to show Africans as a great continent.

Girnar Stairs, India

In the mountain region of Girnar that is situated in Gujarat, India, we have the Hindu and Jain temples. For you to climb these temples, you need to climb 9999 steps. Quite a long trip that begins from Domdar Kund, and after its 4000 steps , there is a plateau with the Jain temples. After 2000 steps further, you would see the Amba Mata temple, that is frequented by the Hindus and Jains. In another 2000 steps, you are going to see the Kalika temple for the Aghora ascetics. It is only after you have climbed the 9999 steps that you would get to the Dattatreya Paduka . The trail that is rocky is tiring and intimidating and offers visitors a great view of the mountain

Mojave Desert, USA

Mojave Desert

There are lots of places you can visit while you are in this part of America. Public transport in Mojave Desert is basically done through three major transportation means and these include bus, rail and taxi. It is important to distinguish public transport from private transport. Private transport happens when someone has his own means of transportation such as car and decides to go to your destination. It is not allowed for you to travel by car in Mojave Desert. As a tourist, you may love the public transportation system.

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Eastern Island, Chile

The Eastern Island is one of the tourist attraction centers in the world that is isolated and has become enigma to some people. However, it is one of the most attractive tourist centers in the world and in the country. You can visit this location and experience why it is regarded as an isolated part of the world. You can visit Chile through the Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport which is the official airport of the country . Chile is an exciting place around March can be a great time to visit the city.

Chiapas, Mexico

Chiapas, Mexico

This people here hate photographs and they live in the highlands of Mexico. The people here believe that when a tourist takes their pictures, their souls are stolen from them. The tourists are reminded of this when they are in large numbers. The most spooky ambiance in Chiapas is the church that is at San Cristobal las Casas, sorcery is known to take place here. You will always hear Christmas songs whenever you come here. The people are seen sitting with live chickens that are on their laps while they take the local moonshine and coca cola. At the end, the chicken is sacrificed.

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