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Images all by wiseguy71 and used under the Creative Commons license.

Like all the Canary Islands, Lanzarote is an exceptional destination, and the fourth largest of all the islands. The island has flourished as a tourist destination in recent years, and with so many places to see, here are just five of our favourites:

Puerto del Carmen

One of the oldest, and most popular tourist destinations on the island, Puerto del Carmen is just a 10 minute drive from Arrecife Airport in the south central part of Lanzarote. A classic destination for tourists, Puerto del Carmen boasts a 6 km stretch of golden beach, water sports and other activities, including running and cycling. The area is especially popular between February and March, when the local carnival comes to town.

San Bartolome

Translated as Saint Bartholomew, this village is the island’s smallest municipality, although it is also home to one of the island’s biggest residential zones, Playa Honda. Known for its agriculture, San Bartolome is home to Isolte, an area known for its large vines and other lush greenery. Unsurprisingly, it is also well-known for its restaurants and wines, as well as other vacation attractions, such as boat tours, fishing charters and Sioux City, a replica Wild West town.

Punta Mujeres

A fishing village on the east coast, Punta Mujeres is the sporting traveller’s paradise, with lots of activities, from surfing, body boarding, snorkelling and exploring lava rock pools all on offer. Mostly untouched by the tourist industry, Punta Mujeres appeals to more experienced travellers, as well as older people and solo backpackers. One of the most popular attractions here is the art gallery opposite the Town Hall and the International Museum of Minatures, which claims to have the smallest newspaper in the world in its collection.

Timanfaya National Park

This is an amazing national park, located in the so-called Fire Mountains in southwestern Lanzarote which is completely made up of volcanic soil. The area that became the park was created by several volcanic eruptions hundreds of years ago, but these days, there is just one active volcano in the vicinity; Timanfaya. A hub for tourists, this park boasts a beautiful, almost alien like lunar landscape, which was formed by the aforementioned volcanic eruptions. From the central car park, visitors can board sightseeing buses that take them to some of the park’s biggest craters, lava caves and rock formations.


Named after the rock reef which covers the local beach, Arrecife, on Lanzarote’s east coast is the governmental hub of the island and has been the capital since the 18th century. Home to many ports, as well as the Cabildo (Island Government) courts and notaries, Arrecife is also great for shopping, with Castillo y Leon, being the place to shop for souvenirs, gifts and Canarian cuisine.

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Images all by wiseguy71 and used under the Creative Commons license.

Lanzarote is one of Spain’s most valuable treasures, with a beautiful landscape, and a number of attractions that tourists will love to visit. From the more popular parts of the islands, to untouched villages, every road in Lanzarote leads to a different, and most beautiful conclusion. Which direction will you go in?

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