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Death of Britain’s Biggest Fish, “Two Tone” – a 4st 12lb (31 kilo) carp!

Two Tone was held responsible for the break up of several marriages, as fishermen spent years at the Conningbrook Lake in Kent desperately trying to catch the giant carp.

He got his name because of his uneven colouring. He was found on 16th Aug 2010 floating on the surface of the lake in Conningbrook, leaving many fishermen mourning his death. Fishing fanatics left hundreds of messages on internet forums with tributes and poems in honour of the legendary fish.

One message read 'Go swim peacefully in the pond in the sky, big fella.'

The notorious fish was only caught once or twice a year, and many anglers had spent up to 15 years trying to land the creature without success  –  leading to obsession, frustration and even marriage break-ups.

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Last sighting: Angler Darren Peck with 65lb 4oz Two Tone at the lake

Lee Jackson, 53, spent six years in pursuit of the fish and wrote a book titled Just for the Record: My Quest for Two Tone.
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The fish will be buried near Conningbrook Lake this weekend, with a plaque to mark the grave.

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Two Tone’s peaceful home in Conningbrook Lake, Kent, U.K

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  1. Wow those are some pretty impressive fish. I don’t think I would be able to life them out of the water on my own.

  2. Thses are really some big fishes that I had seen. I am not so fond of fishes but these pics really make me crazy….

  3. Woww..fantabulous!! Now that’s what I’d call a perfect fishing hunt!! I really can’t suppress the excitement seeing that image..

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