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Dear All Travelers,

Based on personal experience and on survey I did between my friends the best websites for finding a cheap hotel online are:

1) Booking.Com

2) HotelsClub is one of the largest and most reliable Internet travel agency. Its specialty is the hotel market, while the parent company Priceline offers general travel reservation service. So if anyone planning to use should rest assure that they are very reliable and should feel confident about using their online hotel booking service.

Isn’t it better to make a reservation through the hotel I want to stay in.

If you find a particular hotel you want to stay in I always recommend travelers to take a look a their website and find out how much they charge per night. This way you get a baseline price. Then take a look at the rates offered through 7 out of 10 times you will see that the room rates are lower on compared to booking directly with on a hotel’s website.

Hotel reservation agencies like have a wider presence on the Internet and hotel properties around the world are aware of that. Hotels realize that any travelers looking through’s website in their specific region will have a greater chance of seeing their property. This gives greater leverage and one of the reasons why hotels will partner up with them by offering them bulk deep room discounts. And those discounts are passed on to visitors making a reservation through

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So what’s so special about And do they offer the best hotel rates. partners with hotels of all sizes throughout the world. Currently they represent over 100,000 properties, from budget guesthouses to the super luxury resorts we see celebrities cavorting in. Their brand name increases their leverage with partnered hotels, so that they get better discounted bulk room rates compared to’s competitors.

That said, I mainly use’s reservation services for hotels in

Europe, the United States, Middle East and Africa

. Why. Well mainly because they are headquartered in Europe, in Netherlands to be exact. But they have offices throughout major cities of the world. Having offices in those regions allows to have a better grasp of the hotel market.

Have a pleasant and nice trip !


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