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Turkey is a country that is located on the Mediterranean having border with Greece and Bulgaria to its West, Azerbaijan ,Georgia and Armenia to the Northeast, Iran, Iraq and Syria to its Southeast. It is where Mount Ararat’s highest point and also the legendary stopping venue of the Noah’s Ark which can be seen at the country’s Eastern part.

Noah’s Ark

Noah's Ark

Founded in 1923 from what was a remnant of the Ottoman Empire and become a member of NATO in 1952. There are lots of tourist locations in the country , from the great dome and minaret that makes the skyline of Istanbul to the Roman ruins that are seen along the Southern and Western coasts , there is the indendated coastline that is seen against the mountainous backdrop of Lycia and sunny beautiful beaches that are in Pamphylia.

Black Sea

Black Sea

Visitors are seen rushing to see the crazy foam parties in Bodrum and the Eastern Black Sea is always a place to visit every time of the year.

Every city in Turkey has something to be identified with lots of activities that ranges from hitch hiking to the multimillion yacht that can be travelled with. There are lots of ancient ruins and architectural heritage that visitors can visit like the Hittites which is where the first inhabitants of the country founded a state.

The Troy And Cappadocian Caves

The Troy And Cappadocian Caves

The legendary Troy and the Cappadocian cave houses and churches that were carved into underground cities and fairy chimneys are places visitors are mostly seen visiting. There are lots of hotels and motels that visitors can make use of when they are in this country, some ranges from the five star hotels to the three star hotels .

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The Weather And Climate


The weather forecasts in Turkey would help a visitor in planning a trip to the country and also save money during vacation

  • The lowest temperature is seen in the month of January around, Day 8°C and Night 2°C
  • July is perfect weather month when temperature is around day 32°C and night 24°C
  • The cheapest Turkey Last Minute deals begins from 265€ for a four days trip
  • December is the cheapest month to travel
  • October is the country’s most expensive month

Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar

With lots of places to visit in Turkey and the amazing wonders of the Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, visitors would always want to know the best time they can visit the country. There are seven regions in Turkey that have diverse climate conditions.

Winter begins in mid November and can last till the beginning of March. During summer, the weather is at the extreme and hot and at the autumn season, the weather is mild and calm. The best time to visit Turkey is during the spring season when there are longer days and activities that include festivals and events are experienced around the cities. There are car hire services that would help visitors move around the country within a short time and at an affordable rate.

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