Fascinating Tourist Locations In Italy

The five well known spectacular tourist locations in Italy are as follow:-



The most fascinating tourist location in Italy is none other than Naples. Naples is the busiest metropolitan city in the whole Italy. In fact, Naples is a very modern, splendid and glamorized cosmopolitan city in Italy. It is the capital city of the Campania city in Southern Italy and is popular for its high range of tourist visit. This city offers an art trove of historic tribes which forms a very important factor for being a very attractive tourist location. The famous foods out here are spaghetti and pizzas.

Italian Lake District

Italian Lake District

The Italian Lake District is the second bombastic tourist location in Italy. Italian culture is best enjoyed in this district. The southern end of this district is flat and the northern end is mountainous and the river reaches deep in the Alps. Needless to say, Italian Lake District has been attracting tourists over a century now. The Garda Lake is the largest lake in the District and has very alluring scenery. The weather here is good and very impressive. It is a very favorable place for enjoying with family, friends as well as partners.


Sicily, Italy

This is the largest island possibly active, alive and completely suitable in Mediterranean region. The island is best in its lookout and deeply attractive. Sicily is the only island which stands autonomous in Italy. Sicily also includes other activated smaller islands in its sleeve. Since, it is autonomous, so, it stands separated from the mainland Calabria for about 5 kms. Every year loads of international and national tourist visit this place top enjoy the atmosphere in the good weather.

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Cinque Tere

Cinque Terre

This is a very popular united place; Cinque Tere means “Five Lands”. It holds five villages together and forms one unified tourist location in Italy. The villages are Riomaggiore, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Monterosso. This tourist region is located in the northwestern region of Linguria. The best part these villages are its amazing landscapes and complementary backdrop. The scenery is too irresistible.



The last place on the list is Milan; crazily beautiful, Milan has outgrown its weakness and covered its damages after the bombing of World War II. This is one city which stands wealthiest in the Europe; this city is widely known as the mega fashion center in the whole Europe. Milan is one Italian delight for all Europeans. They love to visit this city and enjoy their heart out for the sake of designer shops, shopping malls and other things which hooks them towards the greatest entertainment ever.

Milan is the city of art and architecture. It holds the painting of Last Supper, the La Scala Opera house and many more of Da Vinci’s paintings. People from all round the world take special interest to view these paintings.

Italy has always been proud of its all treasures and souvenirs. It’s something like, choosing among the best. The best known tourist locations in Italy hold a special place for all the tourists in this planet Earth.

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