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Do you know that a canal boating holiday in Braunston can be that perfect family break? A lot of people who are coming here would always have their vacation complete with different activities. The canal boating is one of the activities that can change the way you see your stay with the family. You got more than two thousand miles of waterways to move around in Wales and England when are ready for this family break.


It is not always that you go to great locations like London, Vienna or even London for your activities. You can go to a place as quiet as Braunston to ensure that you got a lot of experiences. This is what you can do when the vacation or even a family break is spent inside a luxury boat.

A lot of people have come around to explore the activities that are available on ground. It is different from a lot of places where you can do boating activities. It is far different from camping because the rain can beat you. There is no place to run to but the fun is simply amazing. For the family break, no boy would want to miss out in this fun. Even the girls would always have this confidence that they can do a lot of things.


A lot of celebrities are often seen making use of this canal boating in Braunston. A lot of people who wish to have a great time can come to Braunston and get that perfect activity in the waters. The boats that are used for this boating are designed to fit anyone. You can enjoy loads of surprises like sleeping with duvets, that is if you are not interested in coming out of the open, a free WiFi, the availability of radiators, hot running waters, flushing loos, and lots more. You can have a great relaxation here.

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There are a lot of routes that you can make use of when you are here. It is either you are going for a long distance or a short boating activities for the newbies. You can tour the Northamptonshire countryside. Taking through Braunston Tunnel, it can take you about20 minutes before you can get to Buckby, which is the home of the ‘Buckby can’. There are things you can buy here like ice creams and souvenirs. The Blisworth tunnel is more than two thousand metres long and three bricks in depth, this is one of the places that you can come and have a relaxed moment in a boat. It has taken 12 years for the Irish navy to build with candles in the night.


If you have saved some money for your holiday, the Canal Museum can be the perfect place you can visit with your family. It is not expensive to be here and if you are the exploring type, you can move around the waters for a long time. This is what makes canal boating in Braunston exceptional different from other places.

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