Experiences Of Visit To Serbia In Vacations

Travel to Serbia

People usually exaggerate their experiences in the visits and vacations they spend to different places. They write and mention the things that aren’t true and do not exist for real. But here are some of the amazing experiences I actually had when I visited the beautiful place Serbia. I won’t exaggerate or show you a dreamy place that does not exist in real. In fact I would let you know the real Serbia, its beauty and all my experiences in this place.

Serbia is a very lovely place which is the best place you can visit in your vacations. The tourists from all over the world love visiting this place and they come here to see the beautiful tourist spots of this country and to have a quality time here. If a person wants to choose a beautiful and a nice place having moderate weather, he must come here and get amazed by the beauty of this place. This year was the best year of my life that changed my concept of a beautiful place. Earlier for me, visiting Los Angeles, Canada and places like these were the best vacation trips, but after my beautiful experiences in this trip, I realized there are loads of other more beautiful places around the world waiting for us to explore. I explored many beautiful sites, places and resorts and had the most enjoyable time here.

Travel to Serbia

I had hired a guide who suggested the amazing places of Serbia and guided me during my complete stay in this place. He suggested that in summers, most of the tourists love to spend most of their time staying in Belgrade. The beautiful weather and natural beauty makes them feel so good that they spend hours here. In the winter season, tourists prefer visiting mountain resorts and famous ski destinations which is Kopaonik.

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When I was there, you won’t believe but the place was so crowded with the tourists from European and Asian countries. I visited the most famous and wonderful places in Serbia suggested by my guide who was so fun and a good natured person. He helped me find out the true treasures and excellent sites of Serbia. So we started our tour with a lovely summer place called Palic. This is the favorite resort of most tourists especially in summers.

Travel to Serbia

When I entered the place, I was amazed to see such a recreational and beautiful place exists in such a place. I enjoyed the beautiful lake here and had a beautiful time walking around the parks of Palic which were so amazing. People of different languages were playing, and enjoying with their families. I captured the beautiful views of lake and parks through my camera and got lovely shots.

This place offers some recreational activities on the festivals like movie festivals and many more. My stay in this place was a real fun and I spent almost four hours here. Then the next place I visited in Serbia was Staro Selo. I visited a church here that was made from wood. Vujica Vulicevic built this church in very stylish structure. The church is designed in a resourceful architecture. I would say that this church is a national treasure of Serbia and is totally amazing. I happened to meet some of the people of Serbia who are very welcoming and very polite. They always talk nicely with the tourists and are ready to help them in any way.

Travel to Serbia

Most of the people of Serbia speak English and some of them speak German or French. I was familiar with both of these languages so I didn’t find any trouble to understand their language and their expressions for people.

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I visited Guca Village which was a small place but I really spent good time hosting a music festival here. The festival famous as Trubaci Festival made my day. This place totally changed my mood and gave me more refreshing feeling during my visit at this place. Along with the inspirational festival, I enjoyed the delicious native dishes here which were so tasty and I was so excited with the serving style and tastes of the meals they made. This place had a lively atmosphere and was worth visiting and the people I met here were so good.

The guide then showed me the beautiful mountain resorts of Zlatibor. I visited the villages and the towns of this place. I saw some historical museums as well and the ski resorts where I had a quality time. The whole day got so interesting when visited the resorts here where I did so many interesting things to amuse myself. The ski resorts of this place give pleasurable views and I made many new Serbian friends at this place. I made many new friendships here at Serbia just because my interaction with Serbians was so good and they were all so friendly to me in every matter. They helped me in telling the directions and suggested some best places of Serbia. I was completely impressed by their hospitality and calm behavior.

Travel to Serbia

Along with the ski resorts and spending enjoyable time at these places, I visit the national park Kapoanik. I spent three days at this place in the comfortable and stylish accommodation places of the park. This place has majestic views which made me feel so good and amazed. I never have seen such beautiful views in my life. The river gorges and the varieties of different trees took all my worries and thoughts away and took me to a dreamy world. During my stay of three days, I enjoyed every single moment and loved walking around the places here. This was a lovely time which I am never going to forget. The beauty of this place forced me to extend my days here and stay here for three days even if I have to shorten the list of places I still had to visit in Serbia.

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After spending three enjoyable days at the park, I visited Petrovaradin Fortress which is one of the famous places of Serbia I couldn’t ignore. I already had heard a lot about this place and I wanted to be here to see the history of the place and see the modern artifacts. My stay here was an observatory visit and I enjoyed at this place like hell. The historic places are the places I love the most to visit so I always wanted to be here. And this was the day when I actually came here and studied everything myself.

Yet there were so many places I still had to and wanted to visit but my stay at Serbia was getting too lengthy. I had to shorten my tour and get back to my place. My complete tour was so amazing and was the best tour of my life. I saw so many things I always wanted to see, met the beautiful and amazing people of Serbia and had a great time. I am never going to forget the things I experienced here, the kind of behavior Serbians have and much more I explored here. If I ever happened to see this place again, I would love visiting many other famous places which I had to miss during my short stay here.

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