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Travel to Montana

Last winter, I visited to Montana, one of the popular travel places in Canada, with my friend circle. Actually, we have made up our mind to travel to Montana City’s different locations randomly. To make it successful, we have chosen a certain Sunday for the arrival of our journey. There were 7 members of our group and mentally prepared for a lovely journey. We also made a catalog of visiting places for a few days of the journey. We have chosen “Big Sky”, “Bozeman”, “Missoula”, “West Yellowstone”, “Billings”, “Whitefish” and “Red Lodge” locations as our tourist spots. Though some of my friends were missing, we have set up our mission to visit mentioned locations in Montana City.

Travel to Montana

I had previously heard that Big Sky is like a dream to the visitors. They offered awesome accommodation facilities with some extra entertainment. I have enjoyed the skiing and snowboarding. Anny, one of my best friends, was charmed to see it because she was first visited with a long distant. She also supports me in snowboarding and various skiing competitions. Though we made travel to Montana in the winter, Big Sky Ski Resort provides ample activities for all your favorite seasons. Additionally, Jack and others were overwhelmed to notice the nearby trails and terrains. Actually, they enjoyed fantastic Snowshoeing, biking and horseback riding. It’s looking like a dreamland for us. We really missed it still now!

Travel to Montana

Then, we moved to Bozeman. It’s the gem of Big Sky Country. In winter, we have enjoyed the high pick of the mountain Scenario. At the same time, we have traveled to the high mountain near the hills. Some visitors informed us about Bozeman’s natural beauty of summer. They descried that Gallatin River becomes much lovely in summer where it brings high waters and thrilling rafting. I decided to visit here in next summer. Actually, my friends enjoyed the evening Scenario of the mountain from the hotel. Besides natural beauty, Yellowstone Park’s wildlife came to us lively. Ultimately we had lost to the dreamland. Truly speaking, we haven’t realized how we can pass a few hours at a glance! It’s really amazing. It’s really surprising to us because we are living in a hackneyed city. But, this rare scene is absolutely outstanding to us. We promised to travel to Montana once more!

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Next day, we have moved to the Missoula City which is the heart of the northern Rocky Mountains. It’s also famous for enjoying Canadian history, culture and outdoor fun. To keep up this mind, we made travel to Montana City’s Missoula location. We walked to the University of Montana where we have got it one of the most architecturally remarkable academic institutions. Another great attraction was the major three rivers of Missoula. We found lakes inside the forests. It’s amazing to us because there was the chance to enjoy fishing and kayaking to hiking. John, one of my best friends, was very excited to catch some awesome salmon fish. The environment was really awesome where we have hired a boat for over three hours. I can’t forget this location.

Travel to Montana

It’s known to all that West Yellowstone has approved as a tourist spot after early 1900s. We have made West Yellowstone travel to Montana for enjoying its national parks where various types of species are available. John had found some interesting types of snakes which were really unknown to us. At the same time, we have discovered rare types of bison, elk and bears. In West Yellowstone, which is in southwest Montana this was another part of entertainment to us. It was offering us snowmobiling, dog sledding and cross-country skiing in winter vacations. So, we hadn’t missed it! As well as, trout fishing was also available for us. We made a lot of fun here. After a long tiring day, we made a successful dinner in our hotel of West Yellowstone.

Next day, we made travel to Montana, Billings City which is regarded as a special place for living, working and recreating. Although the hotels are slightly expensive in Billings, there is a lot of facility in these hotels. We had found it interesting for various kinds of foods, especially Italian dish, Korean dish as well as Indian and Bangladeshi dish. Spicy flavors of foods had taken our attention. At the same time, we had preferred natural fruit juice as deserts. The accommodation facility was awesome in Billings. The rooms are well furnished and entertaining facility was available. At the same time, the whole building is fully Wi-Fi connected. So, it was really easy for us to enjoy the sharing entertainment with our other friends who had missed travel to Montana. In this city, some bars are reputed for cultural functions as well as festivals. We have enjoyed the winter fair and festival which was running at that time. John and Anny were made a shopping form the fair. We have really been making a lot of fun there. I can’t forget this journey!

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Travel to Montana

One of our teachers was describing the beauty of Whitefish. Actually, we previously made up our mind to travel to Montana Whitefish at the eleventh hour of our journey. So, we have started journey here for a short time. As it was winter, we have introduced to the beauty of snow flies throughout the city. At the same time, where and there we have found snow and snow. It’s really amazing to us such amount of snow I have seen yet. After all, the houses are like the tunnel. People usually walked through the skiing process. At the same time, the trees were looking like Xmas trees. What a beautiful scene it was! Josh was stuck with amazing beauty of snow falling. The Gods of Whitefish were delicious because the soup of beacon and salmon fish’s juice was really appealing to us. In such cold environment, this type of recipe was really like the “hotcake” to us. I am still missing that food menu!

Before staring travel to Montana, we have known that Red Lodge is very prominent for enjoying Rock Creek Resort. We have made up our mind to stay here for a day. We have made a journey over the rock creeks. It was adventurous as well as prominent for driving in a rough channel. Actually, it was our prime concentration to enjoy this challenging adventure. At the same time, John and Jack had taken the rudder of the boat and we have made a lot of noise. It’s my first journey through the rocky creek. Actually, I was the most excited person in our group. As well as, we had chosen the resort near the rocky lands. I have enjoyed a lot of dishes here because I was very hungry. The food items were really delicious to me as a real Canadian lover of the dish. After taking a nutritious food, we have enjoyed a sound sleep!

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After completion of five days of journey, we had set back to our travel. When we came back to the home, truly speaking, I was tearing. I am still really missing this journey. This situation is not only for me but also for my friends. Actually, we were closely absorbed in the love and beauty of Montana. We are planning to make another travel to Montana along with a big friends circle!

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