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Ernakulam is famous for its preserved old palaces, Christian churches and Buddhist temples in the Kochin district, the coastal part of India.

Ernakulam to Payyanur By Bus

Most of the monuments here were built during the 16th century and holds lots of historic information about Ernakulam City.


Payyanur is a small town that is located along the Kanur District. It is famous for its preserved forts, temples, amusement parks, and wildlife sanctuaries. Every attraction is worth a visit and ideal for trekking and picnic excursions.

Here are the available modes of transport fromErnakulam to Payyanur.

Bus Ticket From Ernakulam to Payyanur

The Ernakulam to Payyanur bus route covers about 445 kms by distance. A sum of 5 bus transport service companies provide daily bus transport services from Ernakulam to Payyanur City. On average, the Ernakulam to Payyanur travel time is 6hours and can go up to 9hours depending on the type of bus transport service availed. The primary transport takes off at around 01:00 AM and the last bus transport at 10:00 PM. The Ernakulam to Payyanur bus transport fare can be bought at US$ 56. To make advance reservations for your bus journey, check this site:

Ernakulam to Payyanur By Bus

If road trip adventure is your preference, the travel duration if you like to drive from Ernakulam to Payyanur is estimated at 5 hours and 10 minutes.

Train Ticket From Ernakulam to Payyanur

The total distance by rail from Ernakulam to Payyanur is 315 kms. There is only one railway transport company (Netravati Express) that offer daily train rides from Enrakulam to Payyanur City. The travel time is approximately 6 hours and 50 minutes. The train departs at 07:50 AM. The cheapest train fare can be bought at US$ 28. For more information, visit:

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Airplane Ticket From Ernakulam to Payyanur

There is no direct flight service that covers the Ernakulam to Payyanur flight route. However, there are two practical and affordable options if you need to travel from Ernakulam to Payyanur. The first is by bus transport and the second is through railway express.

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