Enjoyed Our Florence Trip To The Fullest

The last holiday we had a fantastic and enjoyable time in the beautiful city of Florence which is situated in Tuscany, Italy. It is an enthralling city that is full of numerous and uncountable tourist attraction sites like the churches, monuments, great towers and several outstanding and marvelous streets only to mention a few. We certainly had a great time maneuvering around the city looking at its enchanting museums and several modern buildings and several stylish shops. My daughter and I chose to visit this place because of the many interesting and exciting places that we were certainly sure could make our visit worthwhile. It was indeed an incredible city worth visiting. I was left with no other choice but to share with everyone finding a place to adventure.

Enjoyed our Florence trip to the fullest

We started off at the most alluring and beguiling museum of Galleria Degli Uffizi. It is a great museum that is mostly flooded all the time with different kinds of people from all over the world. We actually found hard time trespassing through the crowd. The museum is uniquely designed with outstanding features that make it attractive and appealing to the eye. We had a wonderful time looking at the museum renowned and famous miscellaneous arts and paintings. We saw enthralling items and artifacts which have been in the museum for quite a long period of time. Moreover, we encounter the marvelous and exceptional artistic work that was carried out by the prominent and popular artists like the Giotto and Leornado da Vinci. Our visit at the museum was indeed inimitable and enjoyable. It is certainly a place worthwhile visiting and we vowed to revisit again in our next holiday.

Enjoyed our Florence trip to the fullest

We then proceeded to the striking Boboli garden and Pitti Palace which is situated in a picturesque hillside. The place is married with exquisite and lovely gardens that made the place to appear like imaginary heaven into reality. We had the loveliest and memorable time looking at the scenic beauty of the surrounding features on the hillside. We didn’t let anything a chance to pass our eyes. We had to record several events on our films and take photos of the place to ensure memories of the place would be within our minds in some times to come. We also had pleasurable moments at the Pitti palace which was just within a few meters away from the Boboli garden. The Pitti Palace had unique and astonishing structures, although old, they were marvelous and spectacular with specific distinctive architectural design.

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Enjoyed our Florence trip to the fullest

We also adventured the great Santa Croce which is the largest and biggest church. The church had an awesome interior design with glass windows all over it. We also had a remarkable time looking at the tombs which were at the church. We also attended a service mass which was conducted by a priest and got a chance to interact with some of the Christians who were the attendants of the church. We were privileged to have an opportunity to see most of the lovely work that was done by the well known Cappella dei Pazzi. We ceased our adventure at this place having exhausted most of our time exploiting its marvelous and attractive features.

Enjoyed our Florence trip to the fullest

We then advanced our journey to the enticing Ponte Vicchio Bridge. It is one of the oldest bridges in the city dating antediluvian times. The bridge was still strong and had several outstanding eye catching features despite its elderly age of existence. We encountered several trendy shops along the bridge that were busy selling numerous items like jewelries, gold and ornaments. While at the bridge, we had a nice scenic view of several places including the profile of river Arno. The place was tempting and we found ourselves having spent a lot of time staring at the captivating outline of the Arno River. We also encountered several people who had come to shop on the beautiful bridge. We then ceased our adventure at the astonishing bridge by taking many photos of the river’s profile and its wonderful surroundings.

Enjoyed our Florence trip to the fullest

The matchless Campanile Bell Tower was our next place of adventure. It is the highest building in the city of Florence. The tower was extremely fascinating especially when at its peak as it provided us with the panoramic view of the entire buildings and the main big shops in the city. Generally, the visitors are required to walk upstairs up to the highest point of the tower as there are no lifts provided. The climbing was a bit tiring and exhaustive because of the many stairs that were readily available but when we reached at the top is when we realized it was worth as it was the tallest building in the city. Actually, the tower has about four hundred stairs and we managed to climb to the highest point where we were able to perceive clearly several monuments and cathedrals and other stunning buildings in the town. It was indeed the most enthralling and gorgeous place in the city of Florence worthwhile visiting.

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We then travelled to the cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. The cathedral church had sophisticated lovely interior outline features with a very unique and outstanding architectural design that took us most of our time looking and gazing at them. We had to take several photos of it as we wanted to have similar designs to be added to our little church back home. We also had a great time with the locals who told us the church was as old as 600 years. It was also wonderful to see how the people there held high their believes as we found a large group of them gathered in the church for their daily worship. The church also housed several artistic and masonry works that we didn’t leave it a chance but took several photos that was to act as a reminder of the awesome work. It was indeed a wonderful and stunning church that does deserve revisiting and we vowed to go there next time in our holiday.

Enjoyed our Florence trip to the fullest

The stunning Oltrarno was our next place of adventure. It is the most stunning and multihued site located the opposite side of river Arno. Actually, we enjoyed the panoramic view of the admirable rocky terrain as we strolled around assembling and appreciating the many beauties that were laid before our curious eyes. The landscape was actually gorgeous for some kind of hiking. The place was also crowded with very old and traditional shops and restaurant. We also got involved with many activities like fishing along the river and share a lot of experiences with the interactive and welcoming locals. We also realized the area had a lot of eye-catching and stunning paintings on almost every building. Definitely, we took some photographs from one of the impressive and interesting paintings. Our visit was certainly going great that we wished we had known such beauties earlier.

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Enjoyed our Florence trip to the fullest

Last but not least, we toured the charming Piazzale Michelangelo. It was an astonishing and marvelous place we’ve ever visited. To start with, it provided us with the scenic view of the entire city. The Piazzale Michelangelo was designed in a unique and lovely manner which stands in the form of a human like creature. We had a terrific time at this viewing point till the evening where we saw the sun descending in an admirable manner. Our day came to an end while staring at the beautiful sky which also ceased our lovely and enjoyable journey in the city of Florence. Indeed Florence was an exciting city full of wonderful and marvelous things with sociable inhabitants and we vowed to give a first priority during our next visit in the upcoming holidays.

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