Easyjet Review

I do hope that this is seen as a constructive review and not a criticism of Easyjet as there is nothing wrong with them, however, they operate in a certain way which differs from other airlines and travellers should be aware of this.

Easyjet are a very efficient airline on a day to day basis however they will not hesitate to cancel a flight completely if there is any danger of the plane not getting in the air. Their internal goal is to keep planes flying and earning money.

This seems logical until you are the traveller without a plane. They will not reschedule the flight or lay others on to help the back log.

You maybe offered a flight the next few days or sent home to claim a full refund. My advice is not to use Easyjet for holidays only for occasional or business trips or you will find yourself losing not only the flight but the whole holiday when they can even get you there.

In fairness to Easyjet they do not hide the fact but beware especially in the busy holiday season or you will at some point be a victim.

Someone like Monarch or Iberia will always reschedule and try to get you there and are prepared to have planes and crews shifted around to do this and that is the real difference.

You may pay slightly more but you will get your holiday.

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