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Northern Ireland is located in the northeast of Ireland. Despite its turbulent past, now relegated to the history books, and its compact size it has plenty to see and do, from cosmopolitan clubs and boutiques to museums and stunning beaches.

If it’s cities that you’re after then Belfast is the place to be with attractions that include a Titanic Boat Tour, the Ulster Museum where you can learn about the history of the country and Belfast Castle.

However, there’s also plenty to do outside of the cities with the Northern coast being called one of the most beautiful places in Europe. Places of interest away from the cities include numerous castles and the infamous Giant’s Causeway.

Belfast was not what I expected at all – and I will go back. We hired an MP3 player with a Belfast walking tour from the Belfast Welcome Centre in Donegall Place and it was a really good way to check out the City. It took us around all the main places in the centre and we were given a map as part of the deal to help us get around. When we left the player back we found out that we could download a tour of the Causeway off their website – and we did this and played in our hire car the whole way along the coast. It was a really neat idea as we were able to play the guide on our own MP3 player and decide were we were going to stop off and visit – it covered the full way along the coast and gave us info on each village/town and what there was to see. It even told us how much things were going to cost and when they were open. I reckon it saved us a few quid as we planned in the car where to go next and didn’t waste time at some of the other places. I’ve been back on the website since and it covers other parts of NI as well. Worth checking out if you’re planning to go to Northern Ireland for a break.

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We had a mixed response from family and friends when we told them of our plans, it was either one of great excitement or utter horror – no in-between.

The trip was quite well planned ‘though we didn’t book anything outside of the first few weeks. We wanted freedom to travel about without having a fixed itinerary and this worked well.

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  1. Agreed there are now many apps for both routes and activities for Belfast and Dublin and all other major cities.

    Happy to email apps/links to all that contact me.

    Alan Fanning ( Dublin Tour Operator )

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