Dubai History and Culture

I have visited Dubai 5 times in the last 7 years and have seen it grow to enormous proportions! The nightlife is fantastic, especially if you are female as the clubs offer free drinks on Ladies nights. There are air conditioned taxis available everytime you step out of a building (just make sure it is a registered & metered taxi) and no-one walks anywhere. There is every kind of restaurant you could possibly want and more!

At the moment there are so many building projects going on that Dubai has become a very noisy building site in most parts and traffic congestion is still a problem as is the case in most.

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8 thoughts on “Dubai History and Culture”

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    Awesome. Thanks for sharing this informative information. Its really very useful for us. Dubai was an amazing place. It?s only got sand, heat and petro-dollars and they have turned it into a multi-billion dollar real estate magnet. Dubai is an amazing blend of Arabic traditionalism & Western modernism. The foreign population exceeds 80% of the total, and around 40% are construction workers, mainly from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. The museum also had an interesting display on water supply. The traditional source of water is the wells in the mountains to the east.

    Have a nice time a head.

  2. Dubai is the quintessential home of sand, sun and shopping. A century ago, it was a peaceful town where Bedouin traders and pearl divers lodged in coral-and-gypsum huts. The story of Dubai reads like a rags-to-riches tale, and indeed, it is hard to imagine a place elsewhere in the world that has developed at such a pace, in such a short time, for so many different people.

  3. good news is that Massa is due back to formula 1, but personally i doubt that he will have the same edge he did before. i think it will take him a couple of races to get his full confidence back. especially if he is closely following another car

  4. Oh some of my friends work and stay in Dubai. I was of the impression that Dubai is a orthodox country. But my friends have always stated it as a rocking city.

  5. Dubai is great destination to travel and live. Dubai offers you so many activities to do and many places to see. There are many mega structures and all of them are really very amazing.


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