Don’t Miss Places In Zambia


which is officially known as the

Republic of Zambia

is a sovereign country in East Africa. Lusaka is the capital of this country. The official language is English. However, Bemba and Nyanja are also spoken widely over the country. The official religion of Zambia is Christianity but a wide variety of religions exist over here these days. The original culture of the country is found in many rural areas as different ethnic groups living in the urban areas are adopting the European Culture. The Traditional Culture can be seen through annual Zambian Traditional Ceremonies. Zambia is a friendly country and the people live in peace and harmony as it is also considered as one of the safest countries in the world to visit.

Don't Miss Places in Zambia

This country is known for its Victoria Falls, African Walking Safari, Zambezi River and many more. This country is blessed with worth admiring natural beauty. Zambia offers spectacular wild life, huge water bodies, vast open spaces and many other places which will make your visit to this country an unforgettable experience. Well here is the list of some places you will not afford to wish on your visit to this countryon your way to exploring Africa.

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is also named as “

the Smoke that Thunders

” by the local people and this awe – aspiring beauty forms a border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. As the name indicates, it is a very famous waterfall that roars over a 100 meters high cliff. This is the biggest tourist attraction in Zambia. You will notice that there are two statues of the explorer and evangelist

David Livingstone

which locate on each side of the falls. The city of Livingstone is named after him. As per the modern terms it is known as the greatest curtain of falling water in the world.

Victoria Falls

The best time to visit these falls is from July to September. For a few weeks in November, the water is so low that you will be able to swim in this ‘

devil’s pool’

. You will be able to walk down a steep track to see the huge Boiling Pot. You are advised to look out the baboons.

The Mosi – Oa – Tunya national park

is open in evenings during the full moon and you will be able to see the amazing lunar rainbow. If you are an adventure lover, then you can enjoy bungee jumping over here. Make sure to protect your camera and other things with plastic bags as your clothes will be wet because of the spray.

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Lower Zambezi National Park

Lower Zambezi National Park

It is located in Lusaka. The

Lower Zambezi River

is the main highlight of this park along with the amazing wildlife. This place is ideal for bush camps, hunting and boating. The beauty of this river never fails to attract tourists from all over the world. It has best fishing spots and is an ideal destination for game viewing. The upper part of this river is little covered by farmers and fishermen. The park provides a spectacular view of the wildlife. Elephants, hippos, crocodiles, leopards, buffalos, zebras, warthogs and many more mammals and water animals can be seen easily here.

Lower Zambezi National Park

The awesome scenery makes it one of the best camping sites in Zambia.


is a new game reserve in this park. The view of sun setting is almost breath taking at the river. You will be able to enjoy the natural beauty of wildlife from close by visiting this park. You will be amazed to see the animals and the guides are very good. Guides are professional with kind and helpful nature. They will be there to help you all the time and charge very few bucks.

Devil’s Pool

Although there is very little information about this place, yet it is becoming one of the famous places visited by tourists these days. It is located on the

Livingstone Island

. You will notice the famous

Livingstone Hotel Kitchen

which provides very delicious food. So make sure to have lunch over there. The guides are very friendly. They even offer to click pictures and make videos and they will be capturing you in the camera while you will be busy in swimming and enjoying with other friends. The trilling experience of diving in the Devil’s Pool will become the most memorable experience of your life.

Devil's Pool

It is advised to follow the safety measures. You should take the help of guides as this area is little dangerous but an awesome adventurous spot. You will be amazed to see the view of Victoria Falls from this point. The view is absolutely stunning and unique and looks most beautiful from here. After just stepping off and free falling you will fall, catch and swing. For those people who are afraid of heights, it can be a life changing experience. The gorge swing is really amazing. The whole stuff is cool, friendly and will be concerned about your safety.

Lion Encountering and Walking

Zambia gives you a great opportunity to walk with the lions and click some awesome pictures. You will be able to have this unique experience in the

Mosi – Oa – Tunya National Park

in Livingstone. This park is well maintained and overlooked properly by the guides. The knowledgeable keepers will guide you at every step. You will be able to walk with cubs and feel the unbelievable experience of watching the cubs play in front of your eyes. It will become a proud moment for you to spend some time in the company of lions and cheetahs in their natural habitat.

Mosi-Oa-Tunya National Park

Guides will be there to accompany you throughout the whole visit and you will be explained everything about the do’s and don’ts. You will be able to take as many pictures as you want of the adorable cubs. It is advisable to buy some DVD or some other things from this place because it is not a way to attract money from people but the money is actually used for the conservation of lions. You will take some unbelievable and unforgettable memories with you while leaving this park.

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Lake Kariba

Lake Kariba is known as world’s largest artificial lake and human made reservoir by means of volume. It is four times larger than Three Gorges Dam. This lake has several islands. Some of these islands include the famous

Sampa Karuma




Snake Island


Antelope Island


Bed Island

etc. Before the filling of this lake, existing vegetation was burned which formed a thick layer of fertile soil on the lake bed. A number of fishes can be found in this lake including the famous tiger fish. The lake offers many spectacular views especially at the time of evening with the setting sun. This lake provides awesome boating, water sporting and fishing opportunities.

Lake Kariba

This place is loved by tourists because the amazing surrounds provide an environment of relaxation and it is a great place for getting tanned body because the weather here is almost sunny in the day. The atmosphere of twilight between sunset and full moon rise on this lake presents a magical view. The big size of this lake makes it look more like an ocean and one can easily forget that it is actually a dam. You will be given a chance to capture the beauty of this lake with your cameras while enjoying on the shore.

Saturday Dutch Market and Sunday Pakati Market

Every last Saturday of the month, the largest open – air

market of Zambia

sets up at

Dutch Reformed Church



. You will find a huge number of artisans from Zambia and some neighboring countries presenting their arts and crafts. It is a unique market because you will be able to see and purchase Zimbabwean soap stone and Zambian copper plates. You will be able to taste many local dishes. You will find some attractive items also and make sure to bargain for items as the shopkeepers will try to sell you items at higher prices.

Dutch market and Pakati Market

In the

Sunday Pakati Market

, you will be able to buy clothes, handmade jewelry and different kind of crafts. You will find the local people very friendly. You will notice that the number of tourists is more than that of the local people. Bargaining is must and you will be able to get items at one third of the price told by the shopkeeper. After doing a lot of shopping in this market, you will be tired. Nearby places include many coffee shops and eating places that will keep you energy at a perfect level. The environment of the market is really exciting and you will be able to buy many presents for your friends at cheap price but with good quality.

Kapishya Hot Springs

Kapishya Hot Springs can be found in the

North Luangwa National Park

in Zambia. This park is famous for its wildlife. This is actually a blissful place. The Hot Springs are really delightful. This park provides a great camping site and gives you the perfect opportunity to explore and enjoy the hot springs. You will notice that the camp sites are really clean and well maintained by the staff of this park. The food provided here is of excellent quality and while camping the tourists are provided different food every night.

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Kapishya Hot Springs

The guides will be there to tell you some extraordinary stories and real life experiences. Long walks in the park, boat trips in the river, amazing wildlife including spectacular birdlife makes this place even more wonderful. Lovely trees and birdlife around the hot springs make the surrounding environment very peaceful. You will feel very relaxed after spending a day over here and all your depression will be gone. This place is best to get rid of the tiredness from visiting so many places in Zambia.

South Luangwa National Park

South Luangwa National Park

is one of the many famous parks in Zambia. It is most popular because it offers an amazing variety of wildlife. Day and nightlife in this park are perfect in their own way and you will find it difficult to decide which one is better. It supports large number of Thorneycroft’s Giraffe, herds of elephants and buffalos and the famous Luangwa River located in this park supports abundant crocodiles and hippopotamuses. It is one of the best-known national parks in Zambia for

walking safaris


South Luangwa National Park

This park was founded as a game reserve but it became a national park after some years of its foundation. The Luangwa Valley contains some rare varieties of animals like

Crawshay’s Zebra

. It is also an ideal camping site. You will find many guides that will help you and accompany you throughout the camping. The guides and other staff members are very friendly and you will definitely learn a lot of things from their experience. You will also be able to capture some beautiful scenes around the river at the time of evening.

The Livingstone Museum

This is the most popular museum in Zambia. It contains the history, old samples, musical instruments and photographs which belong to

David Livingstone

. David Livingstone was the first man to view and discover Victoria Falls. You will see a number of original Livingstone handicrafts also. If you are a lover of history then you will be attracted by this place the most. You will feel more close to the culture of this place because of the knowledge of historical facts. The museum is much larger from inside. You will love the unique view presented by this museum on farming and rural life.

The Livingstone Museum

The whole museum is air conditioned and guides will be there to tell you about the history of all the things along with some fascinating stories. You will get a whole picture of evolution from the Stone Age to modern life because the collection of themes is very amazing. The entry fee is quite less and it is even cheaper for children. You will be amazed to see the collection of letters of Livingstone. The layout of the museum is simple and gives you information about the background of Zambia. So this place is worth visit while planning a trip to Zambia.

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