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Vietnam is a pretty country that embraces tourism and adventure tightly as a major activity within her boundaries.

A visit to Vietnam will have to be lengthy as the attractions cannot be utterly amassed in a month.

Asia Cruise, Vietnam

There are lots of fantastic cities, rivers, valleys, mountains, the bays and lakes and certainly the locals who make the country a major tourism destination in the world. Actually, you can have a tricky time choosing on where to start your adventure as everything you come across is a tourist attraction.

Here is a list of top 10 tourist attractions and definitely the most visited places in Vietnam to help you in choosing the best stops to make.


The Ha long Bay is with no doubt a top 10 tourist attraction and one of the most visited places in Vietnam. It is surely a magical site for nature lovers. You can take a taxi from Noibai airport to Halong bay.

The bay is a gorgeous site that has been duped as the “bay of drowning dragons”. The bay has numerous islands to tour. Actually, there are about 3000 islands to explore with each having a unique feature.

Ha Long Bay

The limestone rocks protruding in the bay make it very astounding and lovely to visit. The islands have breath taking plant coverage that surrounds each pillar. It is certainly one of the best places to be.

The caves are fantastic and you cannot miss touring each of them. By the way, the caves make the islands look hollow.

The activities in the bay are first class where visitors like swimming in the tranquil waters. Fishing is also a great thing to do here. The fishermen will definitely help in knowing the fishing tips.

Ha Long Bay

The site has been listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and thus amazing places to venture into. The natural beauty of the bay is what makes it very outstanding. The atmosphere is surely the best you can ever want to have with you.


Hanoi city is definitely another magical stop in Vietnam. The city is indeed a top 10 tourist attractions in Vietnam.

The city has the best architectural designs that are not likely to be found anywhere else. The French building that acted as their colonial offices have indeed maintained their charm. You will certainly like strolling into each of them.


The streets are attractive and nice to walk along where you can keep seeing the enticing aged buildings. The Van Mieu University is also another fabulous place to venture. The university is actually the oldest in Vietnam and thus a rich history to learn about.

Lake Hoan Kiem is another sit you should not miss touring. The lake has a brilliant history it having a name that is believed to have come to place when King Le Loi was issued a mysterious sword by the so told gods. Once he had pushed the Chinese who were attacking them, he took the sword to the lake where the Golden Turtle God is believed to have received it.


The lake is certainly a charming place to relax in as you get to see the many beauties surrounding it and enjoying the cool atmosphere there.

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The dazzling Thien mu Pagoda is with no doubt a top 10 tourist attraction in Vietnam. The site is gorgeous and mind blowing. You can access this place by train from Hanoi town.

Thein Mu Pagoda

The pagoda is indeed the highest in Vietnam making it a sure place of adventure. The temple has a lovely architectural design that has continuously been renovated to give it a quality and impressive look that makes it a major top tourist attraction in Vietnam.

You will definitely have to visit the interior part of the temple for a good admiration of the beauties embraced there. The guides there will also amuse you as they are just fable people to socialize with. The stories attached to the temple are outstanding and you will definitely love to listen to them.

Thein Mu Pagoda

The Perfume River is in the neighborhood of the pagoda which you will have a memorable time touring. The river is believed to have allowed its aroma fill the river region in autumn season.


The charming Hoi An city is certainly a top 10 tourist attraction that cannot be missed by any visitor in Vietnam. The town is indeed breath taking.

The town is well placed in the coastal region of the South China Sea. The town has been an important international harbor. You will actually find many ships carrying out their businesses though most activities will be found in the Da Nang city.

Hoi An

The town has lucrative narrow streets to enjoy walking along as you admire the beautiful alignment of shops that have a pretty Chinese layout. You will surely have a fun full moment visiting the shops as the items displayed there are first class.

The town has also been referred to as the Venice of Vietnam due to the exquisite canals cutting across the town. You can certainly not miss to witness each of these canals.

Hoi An

The town is a lovely fishing spot where you will find many fishermen displaying huge and small fishes. You will certainly like to taste some of them. Otherwise, relaxing by the shoreline will leave you overwhelmed with merry.


Your visit in Vietnam can hardly fail to include the Mekong Delta which is will all certainty a major tourist attraction in Vietnam. The delta is indeed one of the most visited sites in Vietnam.

The outstanding scenic nature of the delta makes it a very magnetic place to visit. The Mekong River is a sure attraction that you will witness draining its waters into the far stretching sea. It is certainly one of the best places to be in.

You will also not miss riding in ships along the river to have a look at the rural setting of the life around the delta. Actually, the delta is suitably accessed via ships as it is much easier to get the river compared to the roads.

Mekong Delta

The delta region is a resourceful center for agricultural productions. In effect, the region is the major source of rice in Vietnam. It is by the way called the Vietnam Rice Belt. The rice meadows are mind blowing and you will certainly love to tour them and get to know some of the basic steps towards planting the plant.

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The vegetables and fruits grown here are mouth watering and you will surely like to carry them with you or simply have a taste of them. You will also like to know how the grown.

Mekong Delta

Biking around the area is a also a great idea where you can have a great view of the entire magical region. You will also like to interact with the friendly locals there though the language may be a bit problematic but you will certainly feel at home.


Situated in the southern end of Vietnam are the mysterious but eye catching Cu Chi Tunnels. The tunnels are certainly top tourist attractions and among the most visited places in Vietnam. You can catch a bus from Ho Chi Minh City to the site.

Cu Chi Tunnels

The Cu Chi Tunnels comprise of a complex system of tunnels that connect from the underground. The tunnels are indeed fantastic and a must to visit while in Vietnam. It is actually a lovely place to witness the magical and alluring formations of nature.

Cu Chi Tunnels

The tunnels have a lovely and thrilling history with them having been used as the hideouts for the guerrillas of Viet Cong in the time when the Vietnam War was going on.

Cu Chi Tunnels

The tunnels have since then become major tourist attractions where tourists enjoy walking into the safe and clear parts of the caves. You will definitely have to remember your camera as everything here is dramatic.


The striking Phu Quoc Island is certainly a spectacular site not to miss while in Vietnam. The site is indeed a top 10 tourist attraction and a major tourist stop in Vietnam. Tourists can travel by use of either hydrofoils or ferries from Rach Gia to the site.

The island is home to gorgeous tropical forests that spread over a long region. You will be thrilled to walk to the forests to see the different types of plants and more so get infused by the cool serene ambiance that fills the whole region.

Phu Quoc

The coral reefs are auspicious and one of the best in the world. The coral reefs are indeed well preserved with no damaged part of it. You will certainly love to admire them from the waters on a boat or from the dry land.

The beaches are world class and the most excellent for you to completely get relaxed. The Bai Dai commonly known as the Long Beach has been listed by the ABC News among the five most enchanting clean beaches. You can never want to leave the site.

Phu Quoc

The fishes are indeed the best you can want to taste and actually, the island is very popular for its large scale production of nuoc mam fishes that are simply the fermented types in the world. You will certainly have to carry some with you or plan several trips to the island for this dish.


Sa Pa town is definitely another site you cannot miss visiting while in Vietnam. Sa Pa town is one of the greatest places you can visit in Vietnam. The town is dramatic and pleasing to all. Take a train from Hanoi to the town.

Sa Pa Town

The town welcomes you to the lovely Muong Hoa valley where large and impeccable rice porches will be found. You will certainly like to stroll through them to admire the different types of rice grown there and also get a chance to known how they are grown and maintained to the level of being appreciated country wide.

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The Fansipan Mountains will be view from here or you can also have a leisure walk to them. The dense bamboo woods will not be left out as they make the town have a catchy feel. It is certainly a nice idea to walk into them and admire the lofty plants being swayed from side to side by the wind.

Sa Pa Town

The locals are also amazing where you will have a privilege to interact with different types of people as the area is occupied by the Giay, Tay, Dao and the nice Hmong who all do rice farming together with vegetable farming.


Mui Ne city is yet another site you cannot miss to tour while in Vietnam. The city is indeed a top tourist attraction in Vietnam.

Mui Ne

The city is exquisite and impeccable for anyone who loves doing windsurfing or kiting. This is sure since the city receives strong and nice sea breezes that will make these activities stunning. Fishing is also an activity you can enjoy doing or watch the fishermen doing their best jobs.

Mui Ne

The sand dunes on the northern part of the town can certainly not be left out as they are in fact top attractions in the town. The dunes are indeed magnetic. You will have no choice but to ascent to their top and get the charming views of the surrounding environs. Be sure to visit at sunset and have the greatest adventure in your life.


The intriguing Nha Trang resort is with no doubt a good place to end your visit in Vietnam. The resort is impeccable and a top tourist attraction in Vietnam. It is certainly one of the best sites to tour in Vietnam. You can get to this place from Ho Chi Minh City by bus.

Nha Trang

The resort is mainly popular for tranquil world class beaches that are well covered with pristine soft sands. You will definitely love to walk over them as you admire the beautiful placid clear waters that stretch far to the lovely horizon.

You will also love to swim in the water and more so do deep diving into the water for an underwater exploration. The low waves are magical for everyone diving into them.

Nha Trang

The city is well placed with a real urban look that makes it very different from any other kind resort. You can thus be sure to have the best adventure. The locals are also welcoming and you can hardly ever regret for having stopped at the resort.

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