Don’t Miss Places In Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a country which is known for its wonderful natural places and the warm and hospitable people here who are always ready to welcome the tourists who visit their land. The general climate of this nation is warm. So people love coming to get the view of the sunny side of this place. There are many cities here which add to the historic importance of this country. To name a few, some of these are known by the names of

Samarkand and Bukhara

. There is another wonderful city which serves the same interest. It is known by the name of


. In fact, these cities are so important from the point of view of the history of the world that, UNESCO has declared them as the most important

world heritage sites

. This fact itself speaks for the immense amount of the importance of these places in Uzbekistan. There are some wonderful dessert areas in this country which add to its natural beauty. People love coming to these places for having a view of the natural set-up of this land. One of the most famous dessert parts here is called with the name of

Kara Kum

. There is another cardinal place of the same purpose here known with the name of

Kyzyl Kum


There are also some wonderful mountain ranges in this country which are worth seeing and exploring. They are not as high as the famous mountain of Alps, but they are equally beautiful and awesome to see and watch. People love going on many sports here like mountaineering. This adds the factor of “extreme interest” in coming to these rocky places. If you come to Uzbekistan, you should never miss the fun to go and watch these mountain areas. There are also some caves in this country which help you to see the paintings of the prehistoric man who lived in these caves. It adds to the sense of adventure when you visit these caves. There are even some places where there is a lot of water gap. Here you could get a glimpse of the rural life of this country.

Don't Miss Places in Uzbekistan

You could also enjoy eating some wonderful fruits and vegetables which are quite famous in this nation. Coming to this area would give you a chance to learn the way in which the rural people of Uzbekistan are living and surviving. This would enrich your information regarding the life style which is prevalent in this country. The people living in this part are very modest, plain and hospitable in their outlook.

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There are many other places here in this country which you would love exploring. The heart of this country is really warm as its climate and you would feel it too while making your trip to this nation. It would ensure a wonderful journey to this awesome land. However, in order to know the best places of interest which you should not miss at all, take a view of this detailed review. It will help you to guide about the most prominent and wonderful places of Uzbekistan.

Eco Park

The Eco Park in Uzbekistan is first of its kind which has made a mark for the unique use for which it is made. There are three main purposes for which it is made. These are-

reduce waste, reuse waste and recycle waste products


Eco Park

This is an awesome park where a lot of waste is reused for various purposes. There is also the theme of recycling prevalent in this park. People love coming to see this park and to have a glimpse of the wonderful theme which it is holding. There are a wide number of pipes here which are made of plastic bottles and waste metal materials. This shows the smart way of using the waste products.

Eco Park

There are many more facilities in this park which supports the theme of recycling and reusing of the waste products. This is a major tourist’s attraction in this country. And people from all across the world love to come here and spend some moments in getting information about its wonderful and impressive theme.



Broadway is actually a street, famously also known as


. In this street, some local artists and painters make sure to present their works in an attractive manner. People like to see these works of art and appreciate the whole experience of coming here. This street is very famous and it is one of the best spots to visit in Uzbekistan.


Apart from this, it is also called the

shopping arcade

of this country as there are a lot of shops here to visit and explore. You could get almost anything here from these shops. If you are a shopping-bee, you could satisfy your thirst by coming to this street. People from the corners of the world love to come here and make the best use of their interests by doing a lot of shopping here in the shops of this street. It is a real delight for all those who like the activity of binge shopping.

Aqua Park

Aqua Park is made in a famous region of the country Uzbekistan, in


. This park is located on the north side of this region. It is the

biggest water body

of this area. It is also considered as the best places to do the activity of swimming in the whole region. It is a wonderful place to relax and unwind.

Aqua Park

You could plan to come here with your friends and family members, especially small kids as they would simply love this awesome place. There are various other water sports facilities here which are made for the comfort and attraction of the tourists here and you would surely like exploring them. Aqua Park is a real charm of its region and it is a wonderful place to visit while making your journey to this country.

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Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden is one such place which holds a delightful set-up of some wonderful natural species. These primarily include the wide varieties of

shrubs and herbs

. There are also some forms of

vines and water plants

. To add on, the


forms of this garden are really awesome to see and watch. This garden is also located in the region of Tashkent.

Botanical Gardens

It adds to the overall charm of this place. People from all across the globe like to come here and explore this wonderful place. It is very beautiful to see and watch. If you come here, you could spend some moments of relief with the nature here. It gives you a soothing and relaxing feeling to sit here. If you come to visit Uzbekistan ever, you should not miss coming to visit this awesome garden. It is really wonderful to note it into your favorite places in this country.

Recreation Park of Mizo Ulugbek

The Recreation Park in Mizo Ulugbek is one of the most wonderful places ever created in this place. There are many

natural trees and plants

here to add to the natural beauty of this place. There is also an

artificial pond

which is made here for enhancing the attraction feature of this place. Apart from this, you could also enjoy some fun

rides and walks

in this park.

Recreation Park of Mizo Ulugbek

It is a major tourist attraction here at this place. People love coming to this park for having a great time with its awesome rides and other attractions. It would be a real fun if you come here with your family and friends, mainly children. It is a wonderful site to explore and reach up to. You would like the overall charm of this park as it is really interest binding.

Tashkent Wildlife Park

The wildlife park in this place is really wonderful to see. There are many species of animals and birds here. There is also a wonderful


here to support the feature of keeping animals in their natural habitats. Some of the prominent animals here are giraffes and gorillas. The sight of these animals is a real fun for children.

Tashkent Wildlife Park

Some wildlife photographers also love to come here for their work as well as pleasure. This park serves both the purposes in a fine manner. It is a real delight to reach to this park and spend some time with the wildlife of this country. So if you ever make a plan to come to this city, make sure to add a visit to this park. You could also enjoy some safari rides here. They are going to add the sense of adventure to your overall journey here in this region. You would simple love this place a bundle of times.

Bobur Memorial Park

Bobur Memorial Park is situated in the


region of Uzbekistan. This venue was built to celebrate the piece of earth which was brought from the grave of a great personality called Bobur Kabul. This whole park is spread in a large area. There are a lot of places of natural beauty here. People love coming to this place to enjoy its wonderful nature. There is a facility of some small shops and canteens here for the tourists to enjoy some refreshments. Many people love coming to this place for spending some time in the calm and soothing nature of this place.

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Bobur Memorial Park

It is a wonderful place to visit and enjoy. If you come to this region, make sure to plan a trip to this awesome and amazing park. It will make you feel superb to visit this place.

Navoi Park

This park is situated on the north side of the

Babur Square

. It is a wonderful place to visit. This park adds to the natural beauty of the whole region to which it belongs. There are a wide variety of trees here which give you a refreshing feeling. To add more, there are also some mini and large ponds here which are very good for carrying-out the sport of boating.

Navoi Park

The overall experience of visiting this place is really awesome and wonderful. You would love making a trip to this superb park. There are also some wonderful rests made here for the tourists who would like to take some rest for covering the large areas of this park. Overall, it is an awesome place to come and spend some time with the nature. So do come here whenever you make plan to come to this warm country.

Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden is built in the center of the region of


. Here the

artistic works

from the

land of Japan

are built in a beautiful manner. There are also some wonderful attractions of various kinds of islands-mimicking structures here.

Japanese Garden

These structures add to the natural beauty of this place. The purpose of this garden is to hold the nature in its small shell in order to give a glimpse of the wonderful attributes of nature. People love coming to this place for enjoying its awesome beauty. It is a real delight to make a trip to this wonderful park. If you come to this region, make sure to add this place in your list of visiting the most beautiful places in Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan provinces

There are many provinces in this country which add to the charm of this city. People love visiting them for their natural beauties. There are many types of

parks, gardens and caves

in these places which are worth exploring. In these areas, there are a number of trees and plants which increase the worth of these places. In the caves, there is the artistic works of the prehistoric man which add to the sense of adventure while you visit them.

Uzbekistan provinces

If you ever make a plan to come to this country, make sure that you visit these provinces at least once in your life time. They are the places of wonder and amusement which you should not miss visiting at all. You could have a great fun in this country if you come here with your family and friends. Your overall trip would be really delightful if you catch up seeing these awesome provinces as well.

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