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Turkey is a lovely country where tourism is a major activity in most parts of it.

The country has an endless list of attractions that will require you to have a lengthy holiday for a superb touch of their magical allure.

Beautiful Istanbul Skyline

The list below shows the top 10 tourist attractions in Turkey and actually the most visited places. You can thus have an easy choice list by considering these attractions.


The beautiful Istanbul city is with no doubt one of the best places to tour in Turkey. The city is simply mind blowing with lots of eye catching highlights. The city is easily reached from Beyazit via the lovely tram.


The account attached to the city is charming as the city is known to be a mere city in the world that connects two major continents. It is thus a place you will feel lucky touring. The city will also allow you to feel its rich culture as you stroll and meet with many friendly all over its streets. You can also do a lot of shopping from here.


A visit to the city will be incomplete before touring the dazzling Hagia Sophia Museum. Its design is alluring. It is massive covering about 31 meters in width, and thus lucrative for its function. The museum was built out of the original basilica. It surely has much waiting for your adventure.


The dazzling Blue Mosque is surely one of the most beautiful sites not to be missed out while in Turkey. The mosque is ranked among the best tourist spots in Turkey. It is unquestionably amazing.

The mosque is indeed one of the most splendid in Turkey and certainly in the whole world. It is beautifully decked out with lots of blue shades probably to showcase the high esteem of the Muslims. It is definitely a place remarkable for taking photos.

Blue Mosque

The mosque has its origin from the regime of the Ottoman and has since then become a major tourist destination in Istanbul city.

Ensure to walk into its interior and have a look of the attractive tiles that are accurately arranged all over its massive ceiling. You will also love its lovely proportionality that is established right from the doorstep.

You will also have a golden opportunity to carry a bit of the appealing tiles to keep in your little museum back home. This is a recommended place of adventure one that will always have you wanting to pay it a second visit.

Blue Mosque

There is a tram that connects all parts of the city thus you can get a ride from the Beyazit.


The stunning Pamukkale area is truly one place that receives thousands of tourists every year. It is indeed a top 10 tourist attraction. The site is one of the best places to be at.

Pamukkale is a very famous place in the world due to its exclusive properties. The site is surely one of high value due to its geological nature.

This geological site was established in the past 14,000 years. It is surely one place that will make mesmerized.


The water at the hot spring at Pamukkale has a great usefulness as it is known some to have a bottle of the water and be sure to get some healing from the deadly diseases such as kidney, rheumatism and the heart diseases.

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There are also many patios on which you can stroll around as you get a clear view of the springs. These porches are made of travertine that has been continuously deposited by the water from the springs.


You will also love its history as this is where the early city of the Greeks was situated under the rule of the king of Pergamon.

There are also temples which you can visit and admire the nature in which the ancient people did their thing. Make sure to also visit the many monuments within the area and have a touch of the primordial Turkey.


You will certainly not visit Turkey and miss to tour the famous Ephesus city. This is one of the most visited places in the world. It is without doubt a place to spend time in. Ephesus city is within reach from Izmir airport via trains.


Ephesus city is one of the very popular cities known in the world as it is where the Seven Churches that were revealed in the Revelation located. You have also probably heard of the Great Paul who preached from city to city. He spent much of his time in Ephesus making it very famous in the world.

The city has many Greek and Roman remains beautifying it. The Temple of Artemis is located here as well as the Cave of the Seven Sleepers. You will be one of the happiest persons in the world touring Ephesus.

The house of the Virgin Mary is also situated here giving you more pleasure as you visit Turkey. You will love the holiness attached to the city as you also carry some of the many displays in every street that exhibit the church like situation there.


By the way, this is where the Great Theatre and Celsus Library are located. It is also the place where you will find the Odeon. Be sure to also have a leisure walk along the amusing Blue Marble Street. You can also have a look at the impeccable Scholastica baths.


Cappadocia is yet another place you will have a great time touring. This is of course one of the top 10 tourist attractions in Turkey.

The site is absolutely mesmerizing and a great site for the nature lovers. You will have an easy time riding in buses from Istanbul for about 12 hours.


Cappadocia is very popular as a site with bizarre but incredible rock protrusions. This is the place where you can find tiny to huge rocks and more so the natural ones. There is also a lot of history to be learnt from here.

You will definitely have to visit Goreme for a better and amusing look at the many rock flanges. Goreme has a unique structure as it stands in the middle of alluring cones which have been dubbed as the fairy chimneys.

These cones resulted from erosion activity of water and wind as there is a lot of material that were deposited from two massive volcanic stratums.

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The plateau nature of Cappadocia has surely been a great lure to Turkey. You will certainly be amused by the triangular appeal that has been formed by the three charming towns of Kasseri, Nevsehir and Nidge.


The stunning Aspendos theatre is without doubt a brilliant site to tour.

This is indubitably a top 10 tourist attraction in Turkey. The theatre can only be described as a magical site that you should not miss visiting while in Turkey.

Aspendos Theatre

The theatre has some of the best well maintained and ancient attraction. The theatre has a unique massive and impressive design. You will be enthralled seeing it as you also take many of its photos.

The theatre has its account from the 155 AD during the regime of Emperor Marcus Aurelius who was then the Roman emperor.

You can be sure to find hundreds of tourists from all over the world as the theatre is big enough to hold a capacity of about 20,000 bystanders.

Aspendos Theatre

The theatre has also been situated at a thrilling site along a road hence open to many and there is no need to worry on how to get there on late times. Surely this is one place you should never imagine missing while on your visit to Turkey.


A visit to the southeast part of Turkey will take you to the dazzling Mount Nemrut. The site is mind blogging and one of the most visited sites in Turkey.

The mount is part of the beautiful Taurus Mountain Ranges. You will have to love the scenic scenery displayed. It is also a great place to have a close touch of amazing vegetation one not likely to be found anywhere else.

Mount Nemrut

The place is impeccable for mountain climbers. You start your ascent at the base as you appreciate all the charm pulling you to the place.

The top part is impressive and lovely. You can relax in there as you have panoramic views of the beautiful country. The most excellent time to tour this place is during the sunrise so as to watch the sun’s dramatic magic. It makes the whole region to turn orange and thus very beautiful to look at.

Mount Nemrut

Actually you will be easily convinced of this site being a mysterious one. It is also a good place to have several photos of the beauties which will help more in sharing out your adventure with your friends. It is easy to catch buses or taxes from Adiyaman airport.


The small village by the name Oludeniz is certainly a great place to be at. This is indeed one of the great places that are very famous among the tourists.

This is simply a place with a magical feel. Oludeniz village is well connected to Fethiye city by roads hence you can take a cheap bus to there.


The village is located on the south western coast of the Aegean Sea. There is a gorgeous bay right at the entrance to the village. The bay has a lovely lagoon that has a pristine blue look.

This is actually one of places in the Mediterranean that has very famous beaches. Its beaches are surely eye catching and a superb place to spend time in.

You will definitely have to carry your camera to this place and be among the many renowned persons who have appealing photos of this beach.

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Have yourself also a delightful moment lazing around the soft sands as you get calmed down by the cool tranquil atmosphere.


You can also have fun swimming in the clean and relatively warm waters as you also have a bountiful moment exploring the beauties beneath the waters. The resort is also great to have your whole family as it is very conducive to all.


The amazing Bodrum village is certainly an alluring place and a top 10 tourist attraction in Turkey. It is also one of the most visited sites by the nature lovers.

Bodrum is indeed a superb place to spend time in. The village will first expose you to tranquil and immaculate light blue waters that will leave you completely tempted to swim in them.

You will certainly have to dive into them for a magical feel beneath them.


The beaches are also splendid and the most excellent for one wanting to bask in the nice sun. You will also have a gorgeous moment observing the waters stretch from the sea to the shoreline amidst some low but attractive waves.

You can also hardly leave the Bodrum village before doing a little fishing or simply appreciating the good efforts of the fishermen as they are among some of the most recognized fishermen in the entire Turkey.


Ensure you get some fishes to carry home with you.


You can satisfactorily end your awesome visit in Turkey at Kemeralti market situated in Izmir. This is indeed a top 10 tourist destination that is highly talked of by many tourists in Turkey.

The visit to the market is an incredible one that will require you more than half a day strolling through most of its attractive and well preserved paths. The structure of the market will be the first thing to amuse you.

Kemeralti Market

The stores are enchanting and well decorated. You will specifically get lured to the jewelry centers where you can have a piece of the pleasant and pretty jewelry or stop at the carpet area and have a look at their most exquisite selection.

The utensil area can also not be left out as this is the place where you can compare the best kinds of well manufactured kitchen stuffs as well as the wedding costumes. The leather items are also matchless and those that will readily invite you there for a second time.

Kemeralti Market

The market is within reach from the Basmane city as you can have a lovely ride on trains.

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