Don’t Miss Places In Sweden

Sweden is a perfect destination for all tourists as it has established tourism as a major activity within her boundaries.

The list of attractions is certainly lengthy as there are many world class cities, monuments, and parks to adventure. You will truly be thrilled to the extent of wanting to establish your settlement there.

Visby Coastline, Sweden

The list below shows 10 of the most fascinating tourism destinations and certainly the most toured by every tourist in Sweden.


The charming Stockholm’s old town is with no doubt a top tourist attraction that has remained a major tourism hub in Sweden. The city is truly breath taking and lovely for everyone.

The town is well placed with a major part being land and the rest being formed by water. You will certainly love to see the cliffs exhibited along the sea where you will surely have to walk to as the site is dramatic. The yachts sailing over the waters will also leave you overwhelmed and you can have yourself more fun riding in any of them.

Stockholm's Old Town

The museums within the town are in fact the best you can find in the entire Sweden. Here, you will find enticing items on display and definitely, you will love to know more about each of them apart from admiring them.

The King’s castle will also not be left out as it is a major tourist attraction in the city. The castle has an impressive design and covers a wide area giving you a massive site if exploration. Actually, the town has some of the most excellent architectural structures in Sweden.

Stockholm's Old Town

There are also many auspicious parks to discover where each exhibits different kinds of attractions. Nights in the town are the best as the clubs will keep you mesmerized. There are indeed many pretty dance halls to venture into and have yourself lots of fun.

Don’t miss to witness the impeccable cleanliness at every part of the town which will make you feel having visited the safest place in the world.


The dazzling Drottningholm palace is certainly a top tourist attraction in Sweden. The site receives large numbers of tourists every year. It is surely a gorgeous site to visit.

The palace has indeed a catchy architectural design that will lure you right from the entrance. It is spectacular and will require you to have its photos. The compound is dramatic will lots of charming sculptures standing in many parts of it.

Drottningholm Palace

The palace garden is very magnetic. The flowers there are indeed the best you can ever witness on earth. The fragrance expelled by them is first class and certainly one that will compel you to stay a bit in the place. You can also enjoy the cool shades provided by the stunning trees.

The theatre will hardly escape your attention as it is here where you will have the most excellent kinds of performance that are performed before the king. It also has a lovely design to admire.

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Drottningholm Palace

The Chinese Pavilion is also a superb stop within the palace. Ensure you also tour the palace interior part and discover the fine furniture collection that completely embellishes it to have a paradise look. The art work here is also awesome.

You will definitely like to explore the beauty in the company of the friendly guides.


The spectacular Ales Stones is indeed a top 10 tourist attraction that will not be missed by any visitor in Sweden. The site is truly among the most toured areas in Sweden. You will catch a taxi from Stockholm to the site.

The monumental site has a breath taking look with a lot of greenly look from the well maintained grass. You will certainly like the cool and serene atmosphere that fills the region making it one of the unspoiled sites to visit.

Ales Stones

The monument comprises of well carved stones that are laid in the form of a huge ship. This is certainly one of the best places to visit. You will love to have photos of them as you walk besides them touching and admiring them.

The site is said to have been prepaid in memory of the famous Olav Tryggvason who was the leader of the Vikings. He is believed to have been buried there with his ship. You will certainly like to get these facts from the sociable locals you will find in the surrounding areas. You will also like to appreciate the Nordic Iron Age period where these facts trace their origin.

Ales Stones

Kaseberga village is in the neighborhood of the site and thus you can stroll to it for more exploration and also interact with the locals for a clear understanding of the monument.


Any traveler can hardly end their visit in Sweden before paying a visit to Visby. The site is surely a top 10 tourist attraction that has always been receiving thousands of tourists all the years.

Visby city is indeed one of the lovely and attractive cities to walk through. The exquisite streets will certainly make you want to have a lengthy stroll around the whole town.


You will certainly have to visit the botanical gardens that are home to the most excellent kinds of plant species. The trees will definitely leave you overwhelmed with a great touch of a cool and serene atmosphere. The flowers cannot be missed as they roof the entire place with a sweet aroma.

The churches of antiquity are certainly the most alluring attraction in the city. The churches have charming architectural designs that have been renovated to give them the current attraction status.


The medieval weeks also some of the most striking moments in Sweden and you will definitely have a remarkable August holiday. The dresses worn and feasts will certainly not be missed.

You will also mot fail to notice the impeccable 3 kilometers wall that surrounds a great part of the city. The wall was used in defense against attacks.


The fabulous massive and impressive Uppsala Cathedral can certainly not be missed out by any traveler to Sweden. The cathedral is indeed a top tourist attraction where you will always find throngs of tourists flocking to witness its beauty.

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The cathedral has a charming neo gothic architectural design that is particularly unique to many. Its photos are certainly worthwhile. The cathedrals compound is well garlanded to give it the most alluring look in the entire Uppsala. The flowers and trees are surely eye catching.

Uppsala Cathedral

The cathedral has been in use over a long time as a place of ceremonies and has thus become very famous in the world. The cathedral also houses the graveyard to renowned Sweden citizens such as Gustav and Eric the Holy. You will actually enjoy witnessing their graves and probably lay flowers in honor of them.
The interior part of the cathedral is the most magical as it offers a mind blowing type of decoration.

Be keen to note the exquisite ceiling and awesome walls which are both built in the neo gothic design. The religious materials and writings are certainly notable. You will also love to interact with the believers you will find there.

Uppsala Cathedral

There are many trains operating from Stockholm which you will enjoy riding in to Uppsala Cathedral.


The dazzling kingdom of crystal is yet another place you can never regret after paying it a visit. The site is dramatic and certainly among the top 10 tourist attractions in Sweden.

Kingdom of Crystals

The site abhors the most magnetic types of glasswork you can surely not miss to have photos of the mind blowing work. Right from the moment you get to the site, joy will start filling you as everything here is an exhibition. The guides are amazing and will ensure you step to every part of the site.

You will certainly love to watch the formulators doing their excellent work of transforming liquid glass into attractive pieces of glass. The museums are well decorated with every type of the glass that has been made in the place. You will mostly think them being illusory but all are charming.

Kingdom of Crystals

The purchase stops are fascinating as they will allow you to buy the items that completely amuse you such as the glass lamps. Any visitor in Sweden can certainly not attempt to pay a visit to this gorgeous site.


The beautiful Carlsten fort is with no doubt a top tourist attraction that should not be missed by visitors in Sweden. You will get a vehicle to drive you to the fort from Stockholm or get there by sea.


The castle has a lovely architectural design which is certainly worth of seeing. Though very old the building still retains its touch of charm and you will be thrilled to see it.


The fort saw its construction in the era of King Carl X and has so far been able to survive invasion. It is certainly a dramatic place to tour. Ensure you walk to its rooms to admire their design and more so their intact beauty. Its photos are also worth as they will give you memory of the delightful adventure.

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The dramatic Gothenburg city is certainly a brilliant stop to. This is in fact one of the most thrilling tourist attraction and certainly a majorly visited site in Sweden. The city is simply intriguing.

The city has numerous excellent attractions such that you can plan a whole trip to it alone. The Museum of Art will be the first to thrill you as it is well embellished with a rich collection of fine relics from various persons.


The Opera House will be next where you will be fascinated by live and awe inspiring performances. The opera’s design will also leave overwhelmed with satisfaction of a full filling adventure.

Don’t miss to visit the Gothenburg Botanical Garden for a rewarding adventure. Here, you will be presented to a blissful moment of getting infused with a tranquil and soul soothing ambiance. Ensure you have photos of yourself before the flowers or the trees. Lastly, enjoy strolling through Nordstan for a great shopping amidst admiring the beautiful collection of items and welcoming sellers.


You can also take a ferry to Feskekorka market for a more thrilling adventure. There you will love to do fishing or simply admire the fishermen dong the job. The atmosphere here is also delightful.


Uppsala castle is certainly another mind blowing site to tour. The castle is surely a top tourist attraction and one of the most visited places in Sweden.

Uppsala Castle

The castle has an impressive design that makes it look more of a monument. The majesty behind this building is certainly worth of seeing. The guides will also make you feel special as you listen to the attractive history of the castle.

Uppsala Castle

You will certainly like to spend much of your time within the castle area and breathe the unpolluted atmosphere encompassing it. You will catch a train from Stockholm to the castle.


The stunning Stockholm Archipelago is certainly the most wonderful site to end your visit in Sweden. This is indeed a top tourist destination and one of the most visited places in Sweden.

The archipelago draws out over a wide area of about 60 kilometers into the magnificent Baltic Sea giving you enough place of adventure. Here, you will enjoy exploring the 24000 islands with each island making your visit superb.

Stockholm Archipelago

There are fantastic ferries and private boats to give you a remarkable ride over the water as you admire the islands with the wind blowing past your head a condition which you will be completely in love with.

Once on any of the island, you will definitely have to do one of the magical activities such as swimming in the calm clean water. You will also enjoy fishing and be enthusiastic to catch to catch the mighty fishes.

Stockholm Archipelago

The berries also lie exposed to you to pick them and you can hardly fail to do so. This is with no doubt one of the most breath taking sites not to miss while in Sweden.

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