Don’t Miss Places In Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands is a country which falls on the south side of the Pacific Ocean. It is known for its wonderful sea beauty and other natural landscapes. People love coming to this awesome nation for getting some time free with the exotic natural wonders here. Many tour and travel agencies run some superb holiday packages ads for alluring the tourists from all across the world. It adds to the facility of the travelers who are always on the stride to go for a wonderful vacation on an Island nation. If you are one such person, you would love coming and exploring the adventure of sitting on the shore of various beaches of this amazing Island country. There are many places to visit here like the

reef areas

and wonderful

blue color beaches

. The ways leading to these parts are also enriched with some awesome natural scenes. You would love spending time here with nature. You could also play some wonderful sports here like beach ball and driving water scooter. These are the real charms of this place and you would like to experiment your moods with them. All in all, it is a delight to come to this Island nation and have a wonderful time.

Don't Miss Places in Solomon Islands

There are a number of sub-islands in this country which add further attraction to this nation. These possess some of the wonderful natural places which add the factor of beauty to these islands. There are also some wonderful

caves and bird islands

which people love visiting. These caves represent the culture of the past era of Solomon Island. The bird island contains a wide species of birds which are wonderful to look at and you would even like taking their pictures. The magnificent views of the nature bind your interest and you feel the real charm of standing in the middle of this awesome country. You would love to make a trip to this awesome place with all your friends and family members. You would even like recommending this venue to your friends back home for paying a visit to this place for at least once in a life time. The adventure of coming to this Island nation is really worth-considering. The whole beauty of this country is beyond comparison. You would even find to explore the rich culture of this place. There are different kinds of people who live in this nation. Some of these citizens belong to the cultures of Asians and Polynesians. You would like to know their roots and even learn their ways of living.

There are many other wonderful destinations to explore in the country Solomon Islands. You would find them really exotic and superb. Here is the description of some of these awesome places and the prime venues there to visit. You would surely like them. This outlook will help you to know about the gross-places of interest in this nation. You should not miss these places if you ever make a trip to this nation.

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Just have a look here:

Langa Langa Lagoon

Langa Langa Lagoon is situated on a wonderful sub-island of Solomon. It is famous with the name of


. This Lagoon is the main highlight of this island area. It is really an awesome place to visit and explore-out. There is a huge business of timber making going on at this place. Most of the people living here are indulged in it.

Langa Langa Lagoon

It is because of this rich business of this place that, it is also called and well-known with the name of “

Money-making Lagoon

” of the Island of Solomon. There are also some wonderful mini mountain areas here. These structures add to the natural charm of this Lagoon. People love coming to this place mainly for its natural delight and the cream which it offers in terms of scenic beauty. People come here to visit it all through the year with their family and friends. This place a makes a perfect choice for them to spend their holidays.

Lake Te’Nggano

This lake is located on another awesome island of the country Solomon Island. It is known with the name of

Rennell Island

. This lake area is recognized as the most fresh-water containing lakes in the whole part of the South Pacific. The wonderful water of this lake is known for its freshness and clean nature. It is because of this feature that, this lake is also famous with the title of



Lake Te'Nggano

You would love coming to this water area for enjoying its prominent feature of freshness and cleanliness. There are also some wonderful weeds in this lake which are colorful in their appearance. They add a superb beauty to this lake and its appeal. These are easily visible from the shore area of this lake. To keep the memory of this fantastic place, you could take some wonderful clicks of this special place of the Solomon Islands.

Riba Cave

Riba Cave is a wonderful place which is situated on the eastern part of the Auki Island of the country Solomon. It is a beautiful and adventurous place. However, at first, this cave appears to be a bit haunting in its outlook. There is an underground river flowing here. And you could feel a bit scared while moving in this cave. But it is this adventure which attracts most of the tourists to visit this awesome cave.

Riba Cave

Because of its scary nature, it is also well-known by the name of

Haunting Cave

. It is highly recommended to go at this place with the help of a guide. He can save your time and efforts while visiting this cave. You could gather here with a bunch of friends and have a real joy of adventure here. This cave area could make an exciting venue for your holidays.

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Bird Island

Bird Island is an awesome place to make a trip while coming to the Islands of Solomon. Here you will find a number of birds engaged in different activities. There are primarily colorful birds which add charm to the beauty of this place. The wonderful actions of birds here are a must watch for all those who are planning to come to this country.

Bird Island

There are also some exotic styles of birds which make their presence felt in the eyes of the visitors. People love exploring this place and taking the snaps of the most

exciting birds

on this Island. There is also a mini water body near this Island. It is slightly milky in color but there is no area like a full-fledged beach here. You would love this island for the presence of unique and vibrant birds here.

Kwaibala Waterfall

This waterfall area is located in the center part of the nation of Solomon Islands. It is a wonderful venue to visit while you come to this country. The falling of water here occurs in a delightful manner. This water is totally fresh and clean in its nature. The music of the falling of water adds to the charm of this whole place. People making a trip to this area like taking a dip in this waterfall.

Kwaibala Waterfall

They enjoy doing this action with their family and friends. It makes the whole trip worth-while. You could capture some moments of joy and adventure while coming to this waterfall. Due to its fresh nature, it is also famous with the name of

Fresh Waterfall

. You could enjoy taking the clicks of this awesome waterfall and have a really exotic time here.

Central Market

Central Market is an awesome place to visit and do some good shopping. It is called one of the busiest places of the country Solomon Islands. It is spread over a large area which covers the front part of the sea. There you could enjoy purchasing vegetables and fruits. The fragrance of the wonderful groceries here would go up to your heart from your nose. You could also go for some of the jewelry purchases here.

Central Mraket

Mainly you would like buying the local jewels from this market. And if you are a fish-fan, you should just follow your nose and you will get your way to buy some of the best varieties of fishes in this market. All in all, it is a kind of

shopping paradise

of this nation and a truly lovely place to visit. People coming to this market like to shop a bit of everything found in this place. It adds to a sense of wonder to them to buy the local material.

Aola Bay

Aola Bay is one of the main gates which pave a way to the Islands of Solomon. It makes it easy for the tourists to stay at one place and keep visiting the other ones as it is the main harbors of this country. It is a common destination which leads ways for visiting other venues of this place. You would love coming here to make your whole trip an easy affair.

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Aola Bay

This is a wonderful place to visit and a lovely venue to explore. It leads paths to many other superb regions of the country Solomon Islands. If you stay here, you could easily reach up to the other nearby places. So if you make a plan to come to this country, make sure that you choose this place to make your stay. It would easy your burden to go to various other connecting regions.

Santa Cruz Islands

Santa Cruz Islands

Santa Cruz Islands is a place in the nation of Solomon Islands which is very famous for the

rain forests

that fall here. These forests are known for their beautiful trees. People love coming to this venue to have a glimpse of these awesome trees here. There is a wide collection of natural herbs here which add further delight to this venue. It is really wonderful to make a trip to these forests and take the view of a different variety of trees here. To a wonder, all the trees are very magnificent in their appearance and overall appeal. You would love discovering this place for enjoying its sheer attraction of trees. When you come to the Solomon Islands, make sure that you make a visit to this superb Island as well. This would be a real treat to your overall journey to this nation.


This is an important province in the country of Solomon Island. Its importance relates to the time of

World War II

. It is at this time that, Japan tried to make a base here for its

seaplane purpose

. People love coming to this place for knowing its historic past. It serves to the adventure-sense of the visitors visiting this venue. There are many other

cultural inhabitations

here which will sparkle the interest of the travelers.


They feel both delighted and excited after coming to this place. If you make a trip to the Solomon, you should not miss a chance to explore this province. It will add to your wonder-places list. To make your journey more adventure-binding, do visit this awesome place. And adding your friends and family members to this place would enhance the value of your overall trip. This place should be visited at least once in a life time.

Nggatokae Island

This island is located on another wonderful places of Solomon called

New Georgia

. This place is mainly known for its awesome mountain areas. This adds charm to the whole place. There are beautiful rocky structures here which are solid and stout. They are worth exploring. You would achieve a sense of wonder while coming and visiting this place. You could also enjoy doing mountaineering on the rocky parts of the mountains here. There are special guides for helping you here at this island.

Nggatokae Island

If you want to follow your passion of adventure, you must not miss coming to this place. You could also click the pictures of the wonderful and tall mountains situated at this place. Tourists love to make a trip to this area. You could enjoy and have a real fun time while visiting this amazing venue in the country of the Solomon Islands.

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