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Singapore is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the Asian continent. The country boast of numerous tourists’ attractions that makes it receives many visitors every year. You will encounter many tourist spots like the Flyer, the Botanical garden and the Singapore zoo among many others.

South Bank, Singapore

The following are the top 10 tourist’s attractions in Singapore that will certainly make your adventure worthwhile.


The stunning Singapore Botanical Gardens are indeed top 10 tourist attractions and certainly among the most visited sites in Singapore. The gardens are right within the city centre hence a brilliant place to tour.

The Singapore Botanical Gardens are simply breath taking as they will allow you to witness every kind of plant and animal known in Singapore. In fact the collection here is massive and includes the most charming wildlife. You can actually not miss to have your camera busy as there is so much to see.

Singapore Botanical Gardens

Right from the lovely entrance, you will be welcomed by a sweet aroma of the pretty flowers that are perfectly arranged at almost every part of the garden. You will surely have a heaven like feeling. You can also have collecting some of them.

The trees are also fantastic and comprise of the most excellent types that are indeed splendid. You will certainly have fun relaxing under their shades as you inhale the tranquil and superb ambiance marrying the entire garden.

Singapore Botanical Gardens

The fauna here is also not to miss out. You will definitely feel privileged to witness some of the most jeopardized species that are certainly rare in most parts of the world. They are nice looking and deserve photos.

Lake Swan will also be a spectacular spot to tour. The lake is well situated within the garden hence allowing you a gorgeous opportunity to relax besides it after amassing the other beauties of the garden.

The garden is truly scenic and one can hardly miss touring it while in Singapore.


A visit to Singapore cannot be complete before touring the Singapore Zoo. This is in effect a top 10 tourist attraction that has always received numerous tourists every year. It is just intriguing. The Zoo can be accessed by bus or taxi from the city centre.

The zoo grants you a brilliant chance to see the lovely endangered species that are indeed hard to find anywhere else in the entire world. Remember to have your camera as these are good memories to keep. Strolling around the zoo will be delightful as the atmosphere will ensure you feel relaxed and at the most excellent zoo.

Singapore Zoo

The zoo is perfectly placed with lots of attractions. As the sun sets, you will have a superlative feeling as you take a stirring nigh safari within the zoo. The guides are amusing and will ensure you get the very best merry to the extent of returning back.

The kids will also be well catered for as there are well maintained and alluring vehicles that are provided for them to enjoy the Rainforest Kidz earth. Here they will have a chance to see and mesmerize at the animal animations amidst other fabulous fun full activities.

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Singapore Zoo

You will certainly have brought your kids to a rewarding site as they will enjoy to the highest peak. The animations will also leave you overwhelmed.


The dazzling Universal Studios of Singapore is certainly a top tourist attraction in Singapore and has actually earned a great name in the entire world. You will enjoy a ride in a train from Vivo city to the studios.

The studios are established in a scenic place within the Resort World Sentosa. You will surely like touring this area as much attractions fall underway. It is also a good place to spend time strolling around.

Universal Studios

The studios have an exquisite architectural design that lures you from far. It is certainly worth of visiting. You will also love to have its photos as it is far beyond pleasing. The recently opened section will also have you amused.

The studios have seven distinct but astounding zones in which you will have great fun visiting. The first to tour will be the Madagascar, and then the Palace which is much far away from the fabulous time of the Shrek will have you amazed as it is actually the earliest to exit in the world.

Universal Studios

The Lost World is also spectacular as it will give you a good moment of witnessing the dinosaurs’’ world. The Ancient-Egypt zone is outstanding with s great collection of the Egyptian you will also not miss to see the Sci-fi- zone as well as the Hollywood and New York zones.


The outstanding National Museum of Singapore is certainly one of the top tourist attractions in Singapore and actually a place you should not miss visiting while in Singapore. It is with no doubt magnetic.

The Museum has a tremendous history it being one of the most aged museums. You will thus have a great place to earn and discover many things of the early time. Have a guide with you so as to ensure you truly appreciate every item displayed before your eyes.

Singapore National Museum

The items are remarkable and exhibited in a striking manner. They just leave you wanting more of the tour to the museum. The relics are amazing and carefully carved to give a world class exhibition.

The museum is also an enchanting centre for various kinds of celebrations. You will definitely be very lucky to find major festivals in Singapore taking place which you will have no other choice bet to join in. you will in fact meet large hordes of tourist as the festivals are a major tourist attraction within the museum.

Singapore National Museum

It is with all certainty a splendid place to get the finest bits of the rich culture in Singapore. Visiting the museum with your kids is fabulous as there is so much waiting them. You can surely not miss these kinds of attractions.


Right within the Marina By is the exquisite Singapore Flyer which is unquestionably a top 10 tourist attraction in Singapore. The flyer is truly worth of seeing.

The Singapore Flyer is one of the greatest places to visit as it is ranked the biggest Ferris in the world. It has an approximate height of 165 meters. You will love to see this mighty structure and have several photos of it.

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Singapore Flyer

The flyer will offer you a gorgeous and panoramic view of the beautiful Singapore city. Ensure you have a camera as the snaps from there will be eye catching. Don’t forget to come with your kids as this is a fantastic place for them.

You will like the lovely tropical forest that extends from the pretty atrium. You can have an enticing stroll to them and have a cool moment at the tranquil atmosphere there will make you completely overwhelmed.

Singapore Flyer

The Theatre is also mind blowing and an exciting place to stop at. You will certainly be amused by the stunning presentations which you will definitely find going on. Its design will also leave you mesmerized.

The bay also offers you a calm place to tour once you are done at the Ferris. It is certainly one of the paces you should not miss touring.

There are lovely taxis to take you from Vivo city to the Flyer at about $10.


The attractive Sentosa Island is with no doubt top tourist attractions as there is always a large horde of tourists flocking there every year. The Island is surely mind blogging and fantastic for nature lovers.

Your visit will start at the brilliant Replica Merlion which is outstanding at a lovely height of 37 meters. It will leave amused by its structure as well as its functions. The golf clubs will also do you a great fun as you can get there to witness champions in golfing doing their best or you can also join the players for a fabulous moment.

Sentosa Islands

You will also not miss to see the dolphins in the waters as you will take a boat ride across the water for a placid view of the giant like but enchanting creatures. Taking them photos will also be gorgeous.

Otherwise lazing around the pretty beaches will be dramatic as you can watch the blue nice looking waves form low over the water surface. The sands are also breath taking and superb for a walk along the 2 kilometer stretch of the beach. It is certainly a great place to pay a visit.

Sentosa Islands

The songs with artists displaying their talents will also be another adventure you will discover within the island. The island is accessible by train from Vivo city.


The Singapore Flight Experience can hardly miss out of the top 10 tourist attractions in Singapore. It is a wonderful experience which you will remember in your lifetime. You can reach there by trains from Sentosa Island.

Singapore Flight Experience

Visitors are actually allowed to fly in the well made and preserved Boeing planes which are known in the world as the most famous planes. It certainly a flight which will require you to be keen as the instructors will have you the instructions to follow.

A look at the structure of the beautiful planes will make you joyful and you should actually have photos of them. The landing field is also scenic and well planned.

Singapore Flight Experience

The sight of the underlying Singapore beauties will be astounding and you will actually find more fun if you carry a camera to record most of the things you will discover. You can certainly not miss to have this experience.


The charming Singapore River is yet another top tourist attraction you will not miss visiting. The river is one of the most visited sites of Singapore.

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A stroll along the river’s bank is delightful as you will get to feel the cool serene sensational atmosphere that makes the river a splendid place to spend time. You will also like the foliage coverage that extends from the river to the dry grounds.

Singapore River

The river will also enable you a great chance of discovering much history associated with Singapore as there are numerous impressive buildings that belonged to the colonials.

The river is also very lengthy which will require you much time to fully admire its beauty. There are about 5 docks that make the river. There is the Raffles Quay followed by the lovely Collyer Quay. The third is the Boat Quay, then the Clarke Quay and finally the Robertson Quay.

Singapore River

The shops, bars and restaurants are also first class. The river will be accessed by buses from Zurich city.


The famous Esplanade Singapore is indeed a top tourist attraction that receives thousands of tourists every year. The site is simply mind blowing. You can get a bus from Promenade city to the Esplanade.

Esplanade Singapore

Right from far, you will be allured by the outstanding architectural design that is well arranged to give an incredible appearance. Its exterior is fabulous and just worth of photos. A stroll around it will be enjoyable as you will get to see every part of it.

Esplanade Singapore

There are various museums to visit here where you will be able to appreciate much of Singapore culture and art. The cultural centers are indeed breath taking. It is surely a place full of merry and suitable for all. The indoor activities at the forecourt are also great and you will definitely like to participate in.

Little INDIA

A visit to Singapore can be ended at the lovely Little India town. This is certainly a top tourist attraction that receives numerous tourist attractions.

Little India

The streets are attractive and will make you feel comfortable as you walk along them admiring and appreciating the gorgeous shops that line up all the way. You will definitely love the items on display as there is much of the Indian relics and textiles which you can chose from to carry home. The Indian food is also mouth watering or you can simply listen to the Indian music.

The Mustafa Center is also a formidable spot to venture into. Here you can get lots of amazing items at reduced prices. Actually here you will get many people as it is a very common shopping site. The center is also open at any time as it operates 24 hours.

Little India

The town is accessed from Farrer Park by buses.

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