Don’t Miss Places In Serbia

A land of awesome mountains, landscapes and a number of national parks, Serbia is a country that holds many major tourist attractions. This beautiful nation is the home of astonishing geographical views that makes it a land to discover; one that will satisfy your adventurous spirit. Tourists coming to Serbia find a series of cities and interesting venues for enjoying the country’s magnificent attractions. There are charming places found in every corner of the country. There seems to be no end to the number of sights that could hold the interest and mind of tourists.


is also a new trend that is making a strong impression on travelers visiting the agricultural landscapes of this unique country.

Don't Miss Places in Serbia

This nation is one of the hottest spots for tourists and has made top ten lists of European vacation destinations. It is one of the best destinations to hang-out and enjoy spending time in some of the best natural landscapes in the world. It holds the flavor of

Turkish and Romanian culture

and gives a hint of fabulous taste to whoever wants to open their mind to learn about its amusing historical facts and figures.

There are many excellent places of literary importance that give visitors a chance to discover the literature-culture of Serbia. There are also wonderful summer festivals across many parts of the nation.

Don't Miss Places in Serbia

Here is a glimpse at some of the best cities and destinations in Serbia that will make your visit a truly memorable experience.


Belgrade is one of the best spots to start your journey in Serbia. There are many wonderful places to discover in this capital city such as

Kalemegdan fortress

. It is one of the oldest structures in the country, and it is regarded as the oldest historical settlement. You may find you require a whole day to see the main attractions of this complex fortress. Apart from just visiting the beautiful sights of this fortress, you could also pay a visit to the zoo and interesting museum that are located here. They are worth seeing.


One of the best squares to see in Belgrade is Slavija Square. There are also some unusual districts in this city, like Knez Mihajlova Street and Krunka Street. You will enjoy going to these districts and exploring them. There is also National Theater and Serbian Academy of Science and Arts in Belgrade. Here you will find information on the technical and cultural aspects of the country.

Novi Sad

Novi Sad is situated on the north side of Belgrade and contains some of the best venues to explore in Serbia. One of them is

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Petrovaradin Fortress

. This spot is very famous for the entertaining EXIT music festival held here.

Novi Sad

Many tourists come to this city mainly to attend this music festival. There is also a soothing natural beauty to this place due to the presence of a serene river, the Danube. There are also some other interesting attractions here like the

Clock Tower

and an underground tunnel, which attracts many visitors. Another fantastic and popular activity is taking a fun walk around the city center to get an unusual glimpse of some of the city’s very beautiful natural spots.

Novi Sad

The famous squares here are Republic Square and Cathedral Square. Other than these, the Dunavski Park helps visitors unwind and indulge in their desire to enjoy physical beauty of their surroundings. This park gives a chance to soak your senses into some of the wonderful, natural and spectacular spots of Novi Sad.


Nis is located in the southern part of Serbia. It has a vibrant vibe due to the presence of the University of Nis which is one of the best educational centers of Serbia. The most amazing tourist destination in Nis is

Skull Tower

. It is an extremely interesting place as it was actually constructed with the skulls of the fighters who rebelled against the dominance of the Ottoman Empire.


Other unusual venues at Nis are the Nis fortresses. These fortresses contain the famous Turkish baths. There are also some Romanian sculptures here in these buildings. You can have a good long walk at the city center as well. While on this walk, you could run across some old orthodox churches like the Cathedral and Emperor Constantine churches.

Davolja Varos

In English, Davolja Varos translates to

Devil’s Town

. You will find this place to be a stunning venue because it contains some very interesting and unusual rock formations.

Davolja Varos

This place arouses the spirit of natural adventure in a tourist. The rock formations are more than ten meters tall and form unique shapes. These are found on the mountain, Radan. If you make your stay at Leskovac, you will see that these rocky structures are only a 25 minutes drive away.


Kragujevac was one of the first capital cities of Serbia. But later on, after the rebels turned on the part of Turkish community, Belgrade was made the capital city of Serbia. Like many other areas of this nation, Kragujevac is a place with its own way of demonstrating its past and story. This city marks the excellence of Serbia in terms of the beauty of its architectural designs. One of the best places to visit here is Sumadija, which contains the

archives of history



There is also an old building in this city, now a high school, which is considered the oldest buildings of its style in the European world. You will also find that the

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National Museum and Old Parliament

here are worth seeing. There are many well-known churches, as well as the Vrnjacka and Karadjordje’s Castle. You’ll also find many other amusing places here, like the old Kalenic Monastery, the Arandelovac, the Mataruska Spas and the Church of Saint George in Topola. They are all quite amazing.


Pancevo is a city situated on the west side of Serbia. It is located on the banks of the Danube River, which is very close to Belgrade city. The culture of this place is influenced by the Roman era. This place is particularly popular for its magnificent churches and amazing monasteries. The church of


, an Orthodox church, is particularly famous. It was built with two identical towers and it is considered to be the main symbol of the city of Pancevo. The church was first constructed in 1807 and its two twin towers were built in 1815. There is a clock and a roof of bronze on each of them. It is believed that this church was renovated in 1857. By 1930, some paintings in the fresco forms decorated the church.


These paintings were done by an artist named Zivorad Natasijevic. In Pancevo, you will find another Orthodox church called


It is a historical building with a mixture of the architectural designs of the Roman era, Serbian culture, the Renaissance, and the Byzantine era. This church possesses a 45 meters tall tower. There is also another famous monastery here called Vojlovica, built way back in the 15th century. This monastery was likely initially created as a refugee camp by the monks who escaped from the dominance of many Turkish invaders. If you stay at Pancevo, you will find that this monastery is around 6 kilometers to the south of this city. You could make your way easily by following the road to Starcevo.



Mederevo is located in the district of Serbia called Podunavlje. The residents here belong to a mixture of the cultures of Serbia, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Croatia and other places. There is a place in Mederevo called


. It is very famous for its steel industries. It is also involved in the intense production of wines and fruits. Some of its most popular and fascinating destinations are the

Smederevo fortress and monastery

. There are also two famous towns called small and big town. They are amazing places to discover and enjoy. The fortress here is believed to have been constructed in the 15th century. It is situated on the banks of Danube river. At first, this fortress was made to prevent the invasion from the Turkish dominants. It was later severely damaged during the Second World War. The monastery in this city is known as Jasenak. It now belongs to the old orthodox school. Many school children come here in the summer time to take studies and lessons.

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Sombor is one of the most charming cities in all of Serbia. It is located in the northwest part of this nation. Sombor possesses a rich culture and nature making it a place tourists from all over the world should visit at least once in their lifetime. There are many different attractive venues here like

museums and churches

. There is also great history here, as Sombor is also the place that suffered and bore the dominance of Ottoman rule for a long time.


Tourists here enjoy going out to the historical sites and having a glimpse of the incredible cultural heritage and style of living in the city. People from all across the world especially show an interest in visiting Sombor in order to see and learn about its cultural aspects. So, it is an important place to put on your list while planning a trip to Serbia. The food and lifestyle habits are an essential aspect of their preserved culture, and for some, they are the main attraction of this city. Many tourists choose to stay in Sombor while visiting Serbia so that they can understand the way people live, love and survive here.


Valijevo is one of the best and most magnificent cities in Serbia. It is located on the bank of the river


. This place is situated between beautiful mountains which make its location breath-taking. This city shows the importance of many cultural aspects of Serbia. And its diverse historical sites show that its past has witnessed almost every historical episode. But now Valijevo gives a glimpse of the fact that life here has molded according to the modern world. The ever increasing process of industrialization has paved a way for the formation of an urban way of living in this city.


The whole city is a perfect example of how an area of extreme historical importance has changed gradually towards the modern ways of the present era. The buildings made here depict the glory of its history and the way it has emerged as one of the most modern cities in Serbia. The perfect and attractive streets here encourage tourists to a happy and fun walk through history. Walking on these streets gives a sense of utter joy as it is the best way to look at the modern city surrounded by beautiful mountains. In the midst of these mountains, your sense of wonder will take a front seat. This gives a refreshing yet urban feeling where it becomes easy for everyone to connect with the current modern world that has been fabricated in the net of natural beauty.

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